Audible for this month Sept/Oct

I picked up another Dennis Lehane fictional crime history novel, Live by Night, and a novella/short story compilation Rogues which have stories by George R.R. Martin, Joe Abercrombie, Neil Gaiman, Patrick Rothfuss, and others.

I was extremely impressed with World Gone By, so picking up Live by Night was a no brainer since it’s another story featuring Joe Coughlin which is set before World Gone By. Definitely looking forward to listening to it later.

I picked up Rogues because it has stories from various authors I like. Specifically Joe Abercrombie, Neil Gaiman, and George R.R. Martin.  The story I’m looking forward to the most is the Gaiman story “How the Marquis got his coat back,” mainly because I liked Neverwhere so much and really liked the Marquis character.

Next month I will most likely start a new series, either The Laundry Files (which is narrated by a video game voice actor of note, Gideon Emery), or The Owner Series (from a recommendation by Felicia Day on her Flog when she brought it back for a short time to promote her book, one that I have in my wish list and will pick up eventually. She compared it to the Takeshi Kovacs series and that was all it took for me to want to check it out) , or  Alex Verus Series (another recommendation by Felicia Day as well as a few from various subreddits I lurk on.) It will be one of those series unless the english versions of the Witcher audiobooks come out by next month (which I doubt they will, and I want to save the Last Wish until after I listen to the series when it’s finally done.)


Mad Max Fury Road.

So I finally got around to watching this, and I am extremely impressed with it. It was well done and I liked the pace of the movie. It definitely delivered on all my expectations as well as surpassing some on the lore/world building. I thought the norse and car worship were great and especially liked the WITNESS ME death chant/poem/prayer.

Was totally worth picking up on blu ray.

Some Movies I saw last week.

So, from Thursday (September 17th 2015) to Sunday (September 20th 2015) I was in Vancouver. I was there primarily for Joe Rogan’s stand up show at the Orpheum theatre on Friday September 18th but I also wanted to watch a couple movies. The movie I wanted to see, however, was changed to limited release and was changed to a wide release in October, the movie is Sicario. I’ll have to catch that in my shitty local theatre or travel a 200+ km to watch it in a better theatre.

Back on track, I did get to watch several movies some anticipated and some on whim.

The first movie I watched was Straight Outta Compton, I had low expectations for this movie and was prepared to dislike it for any reason. I did get my reasons to dislike it but they ended up being some nitpicks such as: the glossing over details like how Dre was released from his contract, and the beef between Eazy E and Dr Dre after he split to Death Row. The movie itself was pretty good, the actors did a good job of conveying their characters, the soundtrack was great, and the movie had a pretty good pace (even with a slowish start.) It was a lot better than I thought it would be and I can see why studios want to jump in with more Hip hop/rap bio pics.

The Second movie I saw was Mission Impossible Rogue Nation, I enjoyed this one and had low expectations for it as well but it turned out pretty good too. I liked the story and action. The cast was pretty good and I enjoyed the banter. I’m not sure how they can keep it going forward though with higher stakes or dangerous groups or individuals. The thing I liked most of it was Rebecca Ferguson’s character Faust, it just reminded me of The Black Widow and how underappreciated and underused Scarlett Johansson’s character is in the MCU. Back on topic, I liked the movie quite a lot, it hit on all the elements I like in spy movies and it totally had a female character that wasn’t just eye candy.

The Third movie I saw was Black Mass, a movie I was heavily anticipating along with Sicario. So I got at least watch one of the movies I was looking forward too in a good theatre. I thought it was pretty good and was impressed with Johnny Depp along with the Joel Edgerton and Benedict Cumberbatch. Also, it was pretty cool to see W Earl Brown again especially in a role similar to Dan Dority on Deadwood. I was impressed and I liked it a lot.

The best movie I saw this week and the fourth movie I saw was M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit. It had a good mix of humor, suspense, horror and story. To avoid spoilers, I just wanna say I thought it was very good. The kids were similar to the kids age they were portraying and not 20 year olds playing kids. It was also nice to see that Shyamalan still has it in him to make good movies like he did earlier in his career with The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable.

The fifth movie I saw was Everest, in 3d. It was also pretty good and had a pretty big cast. I didn’t have any expectations going in and was still moved by the story and acting. Another random Deadwood connection here as the actor that played Sol Star, John Hawkes, also played a role in Everest.

The last movie I saw was American Ultra, and it breaks the pretty good trend of movies I saw this weekend. It was just ok. It had some fun moments and good actors playing to their strengths.

That was my weekend and it came out pretty good. Still looking forward to seeing Sicario in October.

This week I will be checking out Mad Max Fury Road on Blu-ray and will have a post about that soon.

The Witcher Audiobooks.

I just finished Baptism of Fire the other day and enjoyed it. Having played all the games, the books and the stories they tell are a lot more compelling as well as meaningful. I liked the formation of Lodge and amount of characters I know from the games that are founding members. Cd Projekt Red definitely adapted the books and its story of Nilfgaard, Ciri, Geralt, Triss, and the Lodge very well.

I added “The Last Wish” to my wishlist and will pick it up next month because I like the story and narration.

I also downloaded the 7.6 gb update to the Witcher 3 so I can play it again, this time choosing Yennefer and trying out a medium armor build with a focus on some swordplay as well as a few useful signs (Yrden, Quen, Axii and Igni.) I will also pick up the season pass this month sometime to get the 2 expansion DLC’s.

I hope the other witcher books are available on audible soon but I also have some other audiobooks I can pick up if they take months to release the other witcher books.


World of Warcraft.

So the new patch added flying in Draenor and Mercenary mode.

A couple of weeks before the patch I noticed I was only a couple of achievements away from the meta achievement for Draenor Pathfinding. so I just wasted a couple days waiting for the right table dailys to come up and then I read about Sergeant Crowler sells the table dailies for 300 garrison resources each. I then did them all in about 2 hours, I only need about 4 or 5, and got the achievement and the Soaring Sky Terror mount. The Achievement lets you fly on all characters, even lower level ones (tested and confirmed with my level 92 priest), in Draenor.

Soaring Sky Terror mount from the Draenor Pathfinder Achievement.

Soaring Sky Terror mount from the Draenor Pathfinder Achievement.


I also got to try out mercenary mode in an Ashran. My human hunter Lostrauko became a Forsaken Hunter. I was able to do 3 events as horde paired with a Tauren Death Knight vs 4 Alliance.

My hunter as horde.

My hunter as horde.

My hunter. For comparison vs the horde one.

My hunter. For comparison vs the horde one.

I have yet to try mercenary mode on my Death Knight, Shaman or Rogue yet.

I was also able to complete the Legendary Ring quest on my hunter last week. It boils down to bland collection and drops, however, the on use effect accounts for a lot of DPS and upped my damage quite a bit. I was able to get it done quickly because of the shipyard catch up missions. I am close to completing it on my DK and Shaman, and just started the last part of the legendary ring quest on my rogue.w