Ben Affleck’s directing and starring in Live by Night.


I just finished listening to the audiobook, Live by Night written by Dennis Lehane, and it’s a solid book with a good story and interesting characters, I’m very interested to see it being adapted into a film especially with Dennis Lehane also credited with the screenplay. Why I like it is a two-fold answer, I like good stories and I like a good crime movie. It’s cool to see something I just listened to currently being adapted to film and it’s something that I will keep an eye out for.

Affleck is starring as the main character Joe Coughlin and is also directing as well as being credited as writer for the screenplay.


Audible for late October, early November.

I picked up the first 2 books in the KingKiller Chronicles (Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear) this past weekend and I’m going to listen to it the start of November (mostly due to have something to tide me over til Fallout 4 and Legacy of the Void.) I decided to go with KingKiller chronicles over other series (like Alex Verus, The Laundry Files, and The Owner Series) because I was very impressed with the short story in Rogues written by Rothfuss called the Lightning Tree.

I’ve decided to hold off to November mostly because of having something to occupy me until Fallout 4 and Legacy of the Void but also so I can really get back to listening something over a week or two more consistently rather than spreading it out over a whole month. My audible credits turn over on the 24th of every month and I usually listen to them over a couple of days and then move it onto the next one. This happens to make some shorter audiobooks only last a week at most and I’d like to spend a bit more time enjoying it over a week per book.

It also makes my what I’m reading, listening to, watching, or playing topic each month a bit more relevant since I’ll actually be listening to it that month instead of being done by the time I make the post.

It also gives me some time to revisit other series depending on the theme of the month, this month was star wars/serenity/firefly/star trek which basically makes it a space theme, and that lead to me do a re-listen to John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War Series.

So ya, went with the KingKiller chronicles this month, deal with it and you aren’t the boss of me.

Also, I’ve noticed that I make these posts and invariably only generally talk about the subject, never in any great detail as opposed to what else I talk about while not really talking about the subject of the post. Deal with that also bitch, I’m a rebel like that. And no one is the boss of me.

Jurassic World

I got around to watching this on Blu ray this weekend finally, it was pretty good and surprised me. Chris Pratt played it like hero type without going into the goofy hero type and I thought it showed he could be a Indiana Jones or something similar (Harrison Ford type references are what most people think, and I agree.) I also liked Vincent D’onofrio and it really got me to want to watch him in Daredevil as the Kingpin Wilson Fisk (fibre optic internet soon here so hopefully I can watch Daredevil and Jessica Jones in November.) I enjoyed the story and  the message that was not so subtly woven into it.

The special features were on the light side (in terms of content) but were still enjoyable.

I think I prefer to wait to watch movies on Blu ray now and Jurassic World definitely delivered on that.

Fables Legends in Exile

I finally got around to checking out the first of the 4 fable graphic novels I had, and I liked it a lot. It’s not surprising since I enjoy the urban fantasy genre so much and it’s a twist on familiar fables. I especially liked the novella with Bigby Wolf saving fables and fighting his own war on the Adversary, as well as the short with Bo, Peter, and Clara.

I liked the mystery and story of Legends in Exile and was able to guess at the outcome pretty early on but still enjoyed it very much.

I also see a pattern with what I like most in stories like these, it being a detective story or have that element feature heavily in the overall a story. It’s why I like the Dresden Files, Altered Carbon, Rule 34, and Halting State.

Anyways back on topic, I got these books for about 18$ apiece and I think it was worth checking out. Now onto Animal Farm.

Live by Night Audiobook

I finished the audiobook for Live By Night by Dennis Lehane performed by Jim Frangione early this morning, after 2 days of steady listening, and I liked the story and performance a lot. I listened to World Gone By because I got it on sale from audible for 4.95$ US (was around 6.50$ CAD) and I liked the style of writing, the story, and performance of that book I did a little googling and found out it’s part of a Coughlin series of sorts, which led me to picking up Live by Night for an audible credit.

It was another solid piece of historical crime fiction that combined noir, romance, and revenge. I kinda spoiled it unintentionally by listening to World Gone by First, so I knew of some of the twists and outcomes before hand, but it played out so well and I enjoyed it very much.

The narration was good and I liked the accents provided for each of the characters. It was pretty cool to hear multiple characters have a Boston accent as well as a more of an Italian and Irish lilt. When the story moved onto being set in Florida the accents moved to a spanish one with a Cuban lilt. It was well done.

I am not so sure that I’ll pick up any more from Lehane because I’m solidly rooted in Fantasy and Sci-fi, but I enjoyed these two audiobooks in the Coughlin series a lot. Who knows though, I may jump right into some hardboiled noir-ish fiction next year.

With my next 2 audible credits coming later this month, I think I’m going to pick up the first 2 books in the KingKiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss despite my notions last month of getting either Alex Verus series or the Laundry Files.