Fallout 4 – Finally Finished it.

Spoilers a head.

I decided to finish it with the Minutemen, and I got the “5th” ending which is unique in that no factions are openly hostile to each other. After doing a bit of research into it though, it seems like it is just a variant of the normal Minutemen ending. The difference being that you still can talk to the Brotherhood of Steel and the Railroad without them attacking you or each other.

I ended up being level 80 when I finished it and primarily used melee weapons and stealth for massive sneak attacks, so the fighting off coursers and snyth assault units was pretty easy. Here is a screenshot of my character.

What is best in life?

What is best in life?

I totally went for the Waste Maiden hair cut as it looks exactly like Jack from Mass Effect 3 and the voice actress does the voice for female player character in Fallout 4.

I chose to use the grognak costume for better melee damage and, after getting some mods (Armorsmith Extended, Simple Bug Fixes, and Better Shishkebab – Of the 3, simple bug fixes was the more essential one as it fixes an issue with Big Leagues rank 5 not to mention several other perk fixes that Bethesda failed to fix in Q and A testing), a build designed to 1 shot most enemies. My go to perks were Blitz rank 2, Big Leagues rank 5, Better Criticals rank 2, Ninja Rank 3, Rifleman rank 5, Mister Sandman rank 3, Armorer rank 4, Blacksmith rank 3, Lone Wanderer rank 3, Black Widow rank 2, and Critical Banker rank 3. At the end, my strength and agility were 11, due to getting the bobble heads after maxing out both. I used endurance as my dump stat and after maxing out strength I started to put points into charisma (I maxed out agility pretty early on in the game because you need at least 9 in agility for blitz, and it was well worth it.) I used a legendary suppressed Gauss Rifle (it fired 2 shots for every 1) to take out annoying laser and gun turrets that I couldn’t destroy at melee range. I also went with leather armor pieces as they were the common legendary drops I got and wanted a uniform look. I prefer shadowed and ultra light as my armor mods, for easier sneaking and better VATS action points.

Back on topic, the story was decent but nothing special or remarkable and it went how I expected it go. It was fun to do, plan for and execute though. I just went and did missions for each faction and stopped before they started to antagonize or go hostile to each other. It basically amounted to doing the railroad missions up to Randolph safe house 6, PAM’s DIA cache’s, and Tinker Tom’s MILA placements. For the Brotherhood, I just did the missions assigned from the recon team and when introduced to the Elder I accepted but did not complete Show No Mercy. I then completed the main quest line and chose the Minutemen as my primary ally to help take down the Institute. When I got to the Institute, I did the department heads intro quest to be able to secure the serum for Virgil and then went on a killing spree of the staff to be expelled from the Institute. I then went to the minutemen again to defend the castle and prepare to assault the Institute. I ordered the evacuation of the institutes civilians and then blew up the reactor.

Apparently the ending is “hard” to get but many people have gotten it and didn’t realize it.

For my next playthrough I plan to do a male character focused on pistols and stealth but plan to try to talk my way out of as much things as I can.


Back on topic again, I put a solid fucking 147 hours into fallout 4, yes I play my games obsessively, and enjoyed every bit of it. Despite my issue of needing to download 19 gigabytes to install the game when I bought the retail physical copy, it was worth the money and time I put into it. However, I will be wary of ordering future games from bethesda and will definitely not pre-order any of their future games or DLC. Notice I said pre-order, as I will probably get the DLC for this game but only during steam sales or big discounts.

For the curious, here is a simple guide to set-up mods:

You will need to add the following line to the Fallout4Prefs.ini file (it should be located in your documents folder then my games folder) below the section marked [Launcher]:


You will need to change the following line in Fallout4.ini(located same as above):


You add your mod files into your Fallout 4 data folder (for this you need to just right-click on Fallout 4 in your steam library select properties, then the local files tab, then click browse local files and your data folder is right there.)

I also had to ensure my mods were being loaded properly, so I checked my App data folder (C:\, then look for users, then your windows account, then app data, then look into either roaming or local, you may need to change your settings to view hidden or system files) for a fallout4 folder (mine was in local) and made sure that DLCList.txt as well as plugins.txt had my mod files there.

I avoid using nexus mod manager and prefer to do things manually, however if you are the lazy type who doesn’t need to obsessively know the details on how things work, by all means download the nexus mod manager and enjoy ez mode.



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