So I subscribed to netflix, I didn’t before because my internet was pretty shitty and I had an even shittier bandwidth cap (25 gigabytes) but that changed in December, and the very first show I wanted to watch was Daredevil. Mostly because of Vincent D’onofrio and the universal praise the show got. It fucking lived up to the hype. I watched the first 2 episodes and I’m hooked.

Of the two, I liked Cutman the most, it had a great pace and cool guest star in Rosario Dawson. The first 2 episodes also had another surprise guest star, Gideon Emery, a good voice actor who has done many good video games and a good audiobook narrator. So yeah, the first 2 episodes definitely impressed on the actress/actor front.

Pretty happy that I finally got around to subscribing to netflix and I think it was worth it for Daredevil alone but having access to watch Jessica Jones and Narcos is also a nice bonus.

I’m gonna watch 2 episodes every couple of days, just to pace myself, and enjoy every minute of it.

On a related note, it seems like there is a huge opportunity here for a lot of ideas/ip’s in a netflix show because you don’t have to edit anything out or down to make a timeframe or reach a wider audience, the audience is already there and want more.


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