Harding Grim’s words for Rudd Threetrees.

Dogman nodded, took a long ragged breath and blew it out. ‘Anyone want to speak for Threetrees?’

Dow flinched and looked down at his boots, shifting ’em in the dirt. Tul blinked up at the sky, looking like he had a bit of damp in his eye. Dogman himself was only a stride away from weeping as it was. If he had to speak another word he knew he’d set to bawling like a child. Threetrees would have known what to say, but there was the trouble, he was gone. Seemed like no one had any words. Then Grim took a step forward.

‘Rudd Threetrees,’ he said, looking round at ’em one by one. ‘Rock of Uffrith, they called him. No bigger name in all the North. Great fighter. Great leader. Great friend. Lifetime o’ battles. Stood face to face with the Bloody-Nine, then shoulder to shoulder with him. Never took an easy path, if he thought it was the wrong one. Never stepped back from a fight, if he thought it had to be done. I stood with him, walked with him, fought with him, ten years, all over the North.’ His face broke out in a smile. ‘I’ve no complaints.’

‘Good words, Grim,’ said Dow, looking down at the cold earth. ‘Good words.’

‘There’ll be no more like Threetrees,’ muttered Tul, wiping his eye like he’d got something in it.

— Joe Abercrombie, Before They Are Hanged.


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