March Update post.

It was birthday yesterday and I spent it doing the things I like: Gaming (playing the Division at the moment and I thinks its pretty fucking good), listening to audiobooks (currently re-listening to the First Law Trilogy so I can go into the Steven Pacey versions of Best Served Cold and The Heroes), and cooking.

I’m having a ton of fun playing the Division, it’s basically a 3rd person shooter with a mmo type gear grind with limited pvp. It’s pretty fun solo and better with a group of friends, the group is maxed a 4 which is a pretty good number for people. Most of the content can also be 3 manned with a good group, which is also pretty nice. It’s thrown me off playing WoW, I haven’t logged on a since I got it, and that is a pretty good indicator of the game’s quality.

I should have all the parts I need to upgrade from my AMD FX 8350 set up to an Intel i7 4790k set up within the next week or two, which I’m looking forward to put together and also upgrading to windows 10.

Also, Daredevil season 2 starts soon.

So, like Ice Cube said, Today was a good day.


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