What I’m Playing, Listening to, Watching, Reading, Looking forward to for May 2016.

This year is flying by it seems.

Anyways, first with gaming this month.

My watch ended for The Division. Yes, I’m being dramatic. I’ve stopped playing for now but the recent changes from Massive and Ubisoft may bring me back eventually. The first “ban” wave hit, followed by a quick second, more than a little late but a good fucking start. Massive is taking some player feedback and trying to improve their game, it took Blizzard a couple of years to get Diabl0 3 where it is now, it will take Massive some time to fix their game but I’m hopeful they do it right. Like I said in a previous post, I bought the Season Pass and that really commits me to the game a bit. I sincerely hope they turn it around and make it fun again.

World of Warcraft: I got back into playing and PVPing, also working on getting season 3 gear for my mains (at the moment its Death Knight, Rogue and Hunter.) It’s nice to play a game that you know the PVP is meaningful and fun, there are only a few cheaters but the reporting system and the quick response from GM’s means they get dealt with quickly. FUCKING TRICKED YOU, this is STILL ABOUT THE DIVISION. Massive and Ubisoft tried to hard to get the COD/Halo crowd to buy the game because of the very half assed pvp they shoe-horned into the game and really let everyone down. PVP is only meaningful, fun or fair when the Dev’s have thought out and crafted the game around it, as well as locking down exploits and known cheats. The Division didn’t do any of that shit, the player base cannot be trusted on the whole because there are always cheaters. It is fucking known. Any game that is competitive or has pvp has to deal with certain percentage of the crowd that wants to win at any cost, and those types always fucking cheat to do it. It’s less of an issue on consoles but a pretty fucking big deal on the PC. Nearly every competitive PC game has a crowd that wants to cheat. Okay, done with the Division rant back on WOW topic. The Legion expansion release date was announced and it’s August 30th 2016. I’m pretty hyped about it, since it is a late summer release instead of a early fall one. It brings in many changes to many classes and reworks for the PVP system, Mythic Dungeons. I really want to switch up specs with Death Knight from Frost to Unholy but for PVP right now Unholy is really sub par compared to the damage from Frost, however, that looks to change in Legion and I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve already started to get my pvp gear grind finish so I can pick up a season 3 2-hander to try Unholy out when the legion patch hits. I’m also looking forward to playing and trying out a Demon Hunter during the early access, if they are fun and good in pvp I may even switch it up to one of my mains.

Fallout 4: the new survival mode patch is out and the creation kit is being released “soon,” so I’m pretty excited about it. I’m trying out the new survival mode now but I had to create a completely new character to do it. I’m also gonna do the new DLC (right now that’s just Automaton, but Far Harbour is coming soon.)

The Witcher 3: This actually has double duty for me, as the new Blood and Wine DLC is coming out this month as is the audiobook for the Tower of Swallows. I’ll be listening to the audiobooks of the Last Wish and the Sword of Destiny, and then doing a relisten of the series up to the release of the Tower of Swallows. Really looking forward to playing it again and listening to the series again.

Diablo 3: The new season started and I’m playing a Crusader this time. It’s still got it even after 5 seasons. Still fun. Blizzard even lifted some ideas from D3 for legion, mythic+ dungeons are basically like greater rifts, the adventure mode is the basically new daily quest design, the transmog system, and legion will even have treasure goblins.

Overwatch: I preordered and that got me into beta and I am extremely looking forward to trying it out. I’m playing D3 pretty hardcore right now but I’m sure I’ll find a way to get some games in. Out of all the characters I wanna play McCree, mostly because of wanting a game with a gunslinger in it.


For audiobooks this month, I’ll be just as busy as the last couple months. First I want to reiterate how fucking good The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan is, as well as Sharp Ends by Joe Abercrombie (loved the Shev and Javre stories) “it really tied the room together.” This month I’ll finally get around to finishing the audiobooks for The Last Wish and The Sword of Destiny, that will get me into a relisten of the The Witcher series up to the new release of the Tower of Swallows.

I’ve already listened to most of The Last Wish and my only regret is that I should have started with that book (both read and listened to.) It provided a great into to the main characters and really cemented their natures. The narration is good and not over the top fast like Blood of Elves was. I’ve got about 2 hours left in the story and I’ll immediately jump into the Sword of Destiny. Followed by Blood of Elves, Time of Contempt, Baptism of Fire, and on May 17th the Tower of Swallows.

Joe Hill’s The Fireman is also released on May 17th and I’m extremely looking forward to it. Kate Mulgrew is doing the narration for the audiobook and she was great doing Hill’s N0S4A2. Can’t wait to listen to it.


What I’m watching this month, Game of Thrones. Every. Fucking. Sunday. Aside from killing off what made the Martell’s and Dorne so awesome, the episode was decent. It would have been great, pretty easily if Dorne didn’t get the quick wrap up. Definitely gonna be watching it today.

Also, I’m just about finished with season 2 of the Wire on cravetv. I’ve been holding off binge watching because I want to enjoy each and every episode. It’s been pretty fucking good so far, so good in fact that it halted my watching of Daredevil season 2 on netflix (which was also pretty fucking good, although it seems to be more about the Punisher than Daredevil.) I’ll get back into Daredevil soon, meaning after I’m done with 3 more seasons of the Wire.

I check amazon out today and found out that Deadpool is coming out on Blu Ray on the 10th, so I’m definitely gonna pick that up and watch it. I may also had another cheap Blu Ray (possibly Redbelt, The Usual Suspects or Star Trek: Nemesis.)

My reading habits have been destroyed by obsessive gaming (first the Division and then back into WoW/D3,) so I still have yet to read Fables: The Good Prince and Fables: War and Pieces. I really want to finish off the series because I’ve enjoyed reading them and I like the character of Bigby Wolf that much, as well as the clandestine characters of Mowgli and Cinderella.


What I’m looking forward to is May 17th for Joe Hill’s The Fireman and Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Tower of Swallows, I’m probably gonna listen to the Witcher book first as they are usually only around 10ish hours long. But it definitely is saving the best for last in this case, as I really want to hear Kate Mulgrew narrate Joe Hill’s version of the Stand.


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