So I just got the blu ray today, I will keep saying no matter what that I prefer watching movies at home, and I can definitely say, it’s about fucking time that a R rated superhero movie was made and by people who get the material. The movie nailed the humor, action, comedic aspects of the Deadpool without pandering to a PG13 crowd.

Also, fuck yeah Colossus. They really nailed the banded metal look. I also liked their interpretation of the character. Colossus has been my favorite X-man since I started reading X-men comics.

The special features are very good as well, with a 1 hour 20 minute featurette, deleted scenes (with commentary), and the main movie with 2 audio commentaries. This is why I prefer picking up blurays.

Overall, a very good movie and the success of Deadpool is going to lead to more R rated superhero movies that get the fucking source material.

Well worth the 25$.


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