E3 2016, EA Play presentation.

So that was somewhat disappointing, in that there was barely anything solid on Mass Effect: Andromeda or Visceral’s  Star Wars game. However, the Battlefield 1 stuff was impressive and the conquest pre-alpha gameplay after the presentation was pretty fucking cool

I was disappointed with the small trailer and P.R speak for Andromeda, but they did mention that more would be revealed this Fall (N7 day perhaps?). Until then, my hopes and expectations remain grounded.

A Star Wars game by Amy Hennig and Jade Raymond, this is the game I was most looking forward too but I didn’t expect to see much as the game is years away. It was impressive, however, seeing the amount of talent behind the game. I have high hopes for this game.

I’ve played something like 450hours, let that sink in, of BF4. So yes, I’m very interested in the next battlefield game. The game looks great and the gameplay looked impressive.

Fe, looked cool and was definitely one of the only reveals to be more about gameplay and the world than the others. It looked impressive and something I’ll keep an eye on.


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