E3. Ubisoft presentation.

I like that Aisha Tyler did the Ubisoft presentation again. She’s funny and plays games, it adds some personality to Ubisoft and really sets them apart from EA. The were a few games that really caught my eye. For Honor, the cinematic trailer impressed and the gameplay walkthrough was also good, playing as Vikings/Samurai/Knights definitely is something I’m interested in. Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay looked great and I’m glad that, seemingly, enemies are not bullet sponges like The Divisions are. The Co Op gameplay from Ghost Recon is really what impresses me the most. And saving the best for last here, Star Trek Bridge Crew VR. If any game could convince me to try out VR, Star Trek Bridge Crew would be it.

For Honor, who wouldn’t want to play as a Viking, Samurai or a Knight? Still, The Division kinda burned me here but since this looks like single player game, I’m cautiously hopeful about it.

Very impressive gameplay here. Gonna keep an eye on this and if it continues to impress, I may pick this up. Although, I’m wary of jumping right in as The Division has left a bad impression, enough to make me cautious of buying multiplayer games from ubisoft.

Star Trek Bridge Commander was a game I had a ton of fun playing and I have been waiting for something similar for a long time. I’m hoping this will possibly lead to another cool Star Trek game. This was the most impressive reveal at ubisoft’s presentation and really made me consider buying a VR setup. Chances are low that I will but this game still is very impressive.


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