Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition.

I watched the Ultimate Edition for Batman v Superman last night, I thought it was pretty good and I really have no idea why the movie got so much flak. It definitely was not bad as many people have said it was. I did watch the Ultimate Edition first but even then I still can’t see why people would call it incoherent, however, they combined Doomsday and The Dark Knight Returns stories and that may be the cause of it for some. My only real complaint is that they turned Lex Luthor into a Big Bang Theory evil caricature of Lex, and then tagged it as a realistic interpretation of some one that intelligent and crazy/evil.

I did enjoy the fact they didn’t shoehorn in an origin story for Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. I also thought Apokolips vision of Earth by Bruce Wayne was nice foreshadowing as well as the Darkseid cameo from Luthor in the kryptonian ship.

It’s a shame the movie and Zack Snyder got so much flak for a superhero movie with a serious tone and I felt that many dumped on it because it wasn’t The Avenger’s and it didn’t have the comedic bits of the MCU movies to lighten the tone.



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