World of Warcraft: Legion pre-patch.

So after a week or 2 of the legion pre-patch, I have at least 2 of the toons decided on to level first.


My Death Knight Roxanna, my main, will be the first. I’ll be doing Blood and Unholy spec, tanking instances up to 110 and then Unholy at 110 for my main spec as well as PVP. I’ve played both specs so far and been most impressed with Unholy which does some very good damage while having the ability to snare or Crowd Control with some very decent survival cooldowns. Armory Link here for specs. I am disappointed that haste is still the best stat to stack for DPS Death Knights but mastery is still decent.

I had some difficulty with Blood tanking at first but I got the feel for it again and it was decent. It’s really based around Death Striking and keeping stacks of Bone Shield up. There is very few tank/survival cooldowns and playing it like you have a tank cd to save you will get you killed. However, the damage is very good for a tank spec.


My Rogue Shylo is gonna be my second toon to be leveled, as Outlaw Spec. I was pretty adamant about staying and playing only Assassination spec but I was swayed by the impressive damage and ease of play of Outlaw. Roll the bones is pretty fun and I like that I can single target DPS as well as putting out impressive AOE. Armory link here for specs.

Outlaw is great for PVP, Mythic Dungeons and Heroic Raids. Assassination is solid damage and decent in PVP as well. I like that both specs have Versatility as a prioritized stat. Mastery for both specs is also good.

I intend to level a pure DPS class and right now I’m having the most fun playing my Rogue.

When Demon Hunter’s are available for early access, I’ll be trying out both Havoc and Vengeance specs. I prefer to play classes that do 2 roles (I prefer DPS/Tank but DPS/Healer is a close second.) If Demon Hunters are decent damage and are fine as a tank, it will most likely be my 3rd toon. I’ll probably go with Skinning/Leatherworking as professions.


My Shaman Arielyn, was my main for the Wrath of the Lich King expansion but has been reduced to alt status as the performance of the Restoration spec has gone down. PVP healing is a pain and while PVE healing is decent, it still is behind other specs. I may level as Enhancement for a profession alt but that could easily change as Enhancement is very decent damage in PVP. Armory link here for Enhance/Resto specs.


My Hunter Lostrauko was my pure DPS spec main during Warlords of Draenor but I have been thoroughly unimpressed with the changes. It’s personal preference but I felt the damage output is below other classes. However, I’ve seen a few hunters in Battlegrounds and in Mythic Dungeons do very decent damage. I will most likely leave this toon as is and not bother leveling her in legion. I’ve tried Marksmanship spec in BG’s and it’s damage was decent but I felt I was less impactful as I was in WoD. I’ve tried all the specs and Marks spec was the better one. Survival was interesting but felt unimpressive. Beast Mastery spec was ok but again, I was not impressed with the changes. Armory link here.

LATE EDIT: After a couple of hours of playing my hunter, I have a better understanding of playing Marksmanship. Previously, I was using insta-casts and hitting procs whenever they popped up while spamming Aimed Shot and using Barrage on CD. That really lowered my DPS by a significant amount, it is much better by using Barrage first (and immediately again when it comes off CD), then casting Aimed Shots while using Sidewinders only when you get to around 50 focus but immediately use Sidewinders when the proc for marking targets happens, then using Marked Shot. While doing all of that, you have to spam Aimed Shot while the vulnerable debuff is up for the damage buff to Aimed and Marked Shot. There will be times when the procs don’t line up and you get focus starved, in which you just really autoshot until you can sidewinder for more focus. The Spec really decent with 1 or multiple targets as you really do some decent aoe and single target damage. 


My mage Traya is one toon I may level if Demon Hunter’s are unimpressive to me. Frost Spec is my only spec and has been since vanilla. I haven’t tried her in battlegrounds yet but my damage is decent and the kiting of melee is something I’ve seen done well in BG’s from other mages. Armory spec here.


My monk, Melissandre. I am liking both the changes to Windwalker and Mistweaver. Windwalker damage is impressive and I like the mastery stat, it really adds to the DPS Rotation. In PVP, Windwalker really shines, the damage is on par with (I felt so anyways) other top performing classes. The mobility, the damage cooldowns, and the survival is very good.

I’ve also healed a couple Battlegrounds and was impressed with mobility and I liked the changes (the soothing mist channel passive) for healing.

I’ve also tanked a few Mythic Dungeons and enjoyed it as well, it was nice and easy. Threat, tank cooldowns, and mobility are all very good.

Armory link here.


My druid Narese, was once my go to PVP alt in Vanilla. I was able to get to the Lieutenant Commander rank and get the LT Commander set by capping flags in WSG, as well as healing in Arathi Basin.

I’ve played Feral spec in BG’s and very impressed with the Damage and pressure I was able to put out. Very strong in 1v1 and in groups. One of the best specs for running flags, solo defense of flags/carts/nodes. Hard to not to be impressed with Damage, pressure and mobility of the spec, especially with the Guardian or Restoration affinity talents.

I’ve also healed BG’s and the healing is solid but like every other healer, is vulnerable to stuns as well as melee trains. It fairs better than other healing classes due to tree of life and form shifting out of snares and roots.

I tanked a few mythic dungeons, it was very easy and smooth. I thought it was the strongest out of the 3 tanking classes/specs I’ve tried so far.

This could also by one of the toons I level in legion. Druids are always strong classes at the beginning of expansions and still one of the top performing classes throughout expansions.

Armory link here. 


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