World of Warcraft – Demon Hunter Early Access.

So, having had about just under a week of access to Demon Hunters, I found that I like the DPS and Tanking role and performance of each, at least in PVE. In PVP Demon Hunters are the most easily CC’d class because they do not have access to the full row of talents yet. This also means that Damage is also mid tier but it still impressive considering the lack of full talent spec.

Tanking is also decent, feels like a more mobile version of a Blood DK, especially since Soul Cleave works similar to Death Strike, in that it heals you but you have to use your main resource in order to do it. Tanking damage is also very high like a Blood DK and survival cd’s are more also limited just like a Blood DK. This is impressive because Vengeance Demon Hunters do not have full access to talents yet.

So, in short, PVE wise Demon Hunters are about mid tier and impressive in PVE but lackluster in PVP, this is Legion Pre-patch mind you and Demon Hunters do not have full access to talents yet nor an artifact weapon. I am impressed and like the class/specs to make this 1 of the main 3 toons I’ll be levelling in legion. Death Knight, Rogue, Demon Hunter, for the curious.

Demon Hunter Rosanna


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