Audible for September/October.

I’ve been re-listening to the First Law Series stuff this last month, the Trilogy and the World books, I’m on Best Served Cold at the moment and will get into The Heroes right after. The Heroes has become my favorite of the entire series, followed closely by Best Served Cold, and is a favorite of mine to re-listen too. When I finish The Heroes, I will be jumping back into the Last Kingdom series and finishing it off in October.

I used my 2 audible credits this month to pick up Death of Kings (book 6) and The Pagan Lord (book 7), I still have Sword Song: The Battle for London (Book 4) and The Burning Lands (Book 5) to listen too as well. I will end up finishing the series in late October as I will be using my 2 audible credits to pick up book 8 and 9 (the last 2 in the series so far.) I’ve enjoyed the series so far and the books have only intensified my interest in the show.

I also picked up the Hobbit on sale for 4.95$ (USD$, about 6.70$ CAD) which I thought was a pretty good deal and did not hesitate to get.

I’m enjoying my relisten to the First Law series and also can’t wait to finish off the Last Kingdom series next month.


What I am playing/listening to/watching/reading/looking forward to for September.

Short answers: World of Warcraft Legion, The First Law series,  The Last Kingdom books (Sword Song and the Burning Lands), Stranger Things, Warcraft, Captain America Civil War and The Elder Scrolls Skyrim Remaster.

So, ya, I’m late on posting because of Legion. Probably the smoothest launch experience I’ve seen. I leveled my Death Knight first as Unholy but switched to Blood at 110. I plan to level my Rogue next, level as Assassination but may switch to either Outlaw or Subtlety which ever is better performing in mythics or raids. I’ll probably do all 3 artifacts as it is exceedingly easy to get artifact power to level an Artifact, especially when you unlock the artifact knowledge research. I’ll probably do a Paladin after, as having 2 tanking classes doesn’t seem so fun, so I’ll play as Retribution with a Holy offspec.

The levelling in legion is pretty decent but the massive horde population imbalance is pretty challenging because of all the bad gankers, it seems like 20 horde to 1 alliance. It’s annoying but easy to deal with.

On the audiobooks front, I’m currently doing a re-listen to the entire First Law series. I just finished the Blade Itself last night and am about 4 hours into Before They Are Hanged. After Red Country I will start on the Last Kingdom books, Sword Song and The Burning Lands. I’ll the next books in the Last Kingdom series later this month and finish up the series in late October.

As a break between playing WoW Legion and Audiobooks, I’ll check out the Netflix series Stranger Things. I’ve heard many good things and I really want to check it out.

I’ll be picking up Captain America Civil War and Warcraft this month. I wanna check out Warcraft for myself as I do not really pay much head to mainstream reviews.

A short post, and I blame the Legion expansion.