Mass Effect Andromeda N7 day reveal trailer.

I hoped for more but in a reveal trailer that is asking a lot, I am impressed however because that is definitely Clancy Brown doing voice work. These types of trailers have 1 job to do and that is get you hooked into the story. Most people’s reactions I’ve read on r/masseffect and pcgaming are disappointed because the trailer doesn’t answer every lingering question they have, or that it looks like a sci fi action movie trailer, or that it doesn’t have Shepard in it. I’m not sure how people are jumping to the conclusion this is Dragon Age: Inquisition in space either, although being DA:I in space is a valid concern and my personal biggest worry about the game, I just don’t see how people are linking the 2 based solely on this trailer.

I liked it. Definitely need to see more gameplay and more about the crew but for now I like what I’m seeing.


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