Some Movies I saw last week, part 2.

So during my trip to Vancouver last week I watched a couple of movies, pretty good ones too.

Star Wars: Rogue One – Great movie, it pays homage to the look, feel and story of the original trilogy but really tell’s its own self contained story that I think surpasses anything and everything that the original trilogy offered. The original trilogy had the problem of relaying the “cost” and ethics/morality of a rebellion, and Rogue One really does capture the heroic freedom fighters type vibe the original trilogy had but also includes the end justify’s the means and at all costs type of personalities that also would be in a rebellion. The people who do the dirty work and get results but still remain likeable/relatable/identifiable as characters. My favorite character of the lot is Forest Whitaker’s Saw Gerrera, it was extremely refreshing to see a Star War’s character in the rebellion that is not a paragon of virtue/morality/ethics, but a militant extremist willing to do anything to get something done. The story was great, and it was satisfying to see an ending like that, one that did not need to be necessarily happy. In the first 5 minutes you get that isn’t going to be a Star Wars movie you would expect, and immediately draws you in with a compelling story and cast of characters.

Dr Strange – A good movie, one the better origin stories done for a marvel cinematic universe character. I had no real expectations for this movie, other that it was gonna probably be decent, funny in parts, with good actors, and witty dialogue, so I was rather still very impressed by it. It had a good story with some very strong actors. Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton, and Mads Mikkelsen, all great actors and all put in great performances. Also, the whole white washing controversy with Tilda Swinton which I think is typical social reactionary bullshit, the internet makes such BS issues an echo chamber with a group of people who never consider the why of an issue/topic/idea first before jumping all in on cries of white washing or whatever the social topic de jour is, very similar to the same BS cries of white washing used against Matt Damon in the Great Wall. Kinda went on a rant there but whatever, if you don’t like it, please continue to not like it just fucking think about it. Benadryl Cucumberpatch is great in his role as Steven Strange and I’m interested to see him in other MCU fims.

Passengers – Similar to Dr. Strange, I went in with no real expectations and kinda misled on the premise of the movie by the shitty advertising but came out really liking the movie. I thought it told a good story with some good performances by Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence and Lawrence Fishbourne. A good movie in my opinion as you rarely get a science fiction movie where the conflict is a personal one and done with such a small cast. This is another movie where I don’t agree with critics or people’s general criticism or negative reviews. It most definitely is not a below average movie, I think it’s a good movie and basically I’m right and everyone else is stupid and wrong. You’ll get over my disappointment and judgement of you.

Arrival – This one is an extremely good movie, a scifi movie as well that has an excellent story with a great performance by Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner. If you haven’t seen it, go fucking watching it. Stop fucking reading this and watch it.

Split – You just read my arrival shit right? Now fucking do the same for Split. The story and characters are extremely well done, James McAvoy is excellent in this movie and Anya Taylor-Joy is also great. Seriously, go fucking watch this movie now. If you are one of the people who doesn’t react at the end, count yourself in the unwashed masses crowd, you philistine.

Live by Night – I was excited to see this movie because I enjoyed the book by Dennis Lehane and the character of Joe Coughlin. While I enjoyed the movie and even liked it, I found it disappointing because a good book was adapted into a just a decent movie. I enjoyed the movie because a majority of my favorite sequences in the book were faithfully adapted and the characters were done well and acted well. Ben Affleck does a good portrayal of Joe Coughlin and also does a good job of directing this movie. The story and characters are well adapted, the visuals are good, and the pacing is good, so over all I think its decent movie that is bordering on being good one.

If I had to pick one favorite of the lot, I’d pick Arrival, followed extremely closely by Rogue One and Split. However, the movie that impressed me the most was Split, followed closely by Rogue One and Dr. Strange.

Really, do yourself a favor if you haven’t watched Arrival or Split yet, go and watch them both ASAP and thank me later.


Suicide Squad.

Another late to the party first impression or take.

Why didn’t people like this movie? I thought it was a great adaptation of the comics and characters that stayed pretty faithful to the source material. It was kinda flimsy with the sorceress and her brother as the enemy but it did provide the framework to tell and sell the story. Every member of the suicide squad was interesting and compelling, excellently and faithfully adapted into characters for film. Deadshot and his daughter was captured pretty well, the great take on the relationship between Harley and the Joker, really showed commitment to the source material while still being adapted well for a movie. I particularly enjoyed El Diablo, as there is massive lack of mexican ethnicity characters in any super hero movie or comic, his character and his backstory was extremely compelling.

The story, while predictable in some parts, I thought was enjoyable. The backstory flashbacks were done very well, in fact the movie started off pretty strongly because of how well they were done. I thought the movie did well to connect the DC universe starting with Batman vs Superman, which I also liked, and did well enough to be “it’s own movie.” Meaning it wasn’t DC’s version of The Avengers or the X-men, or even similar to Nolan’s Batman, Snyder’s Man of Steel or Batman v Superman.

The special features are also pretty good. Although short and not many, it provided some nice background on characters and their gear. I particularly enjoyed the character inspirations and motives part, it gave me more reason to like El Diablo and Waller.

I seriously don’t get why the movie isn’t more popular at all or how anyone would rate it disappointing in any way.

What I am playing/listening to/watching/reading/looking forward to for January 2017.

Totally have check and re-check if I correctly put 2017 as the current year now.

I’ve been listening to the Last Kingdom/Saxon stories the last couple days, really it started immediately after I finished the re-listen to the Dark Tower series just around December 20th. I am nearly finished Death of Kings, and that leaves me The Pagan Lord, Empty Throne, Warriors of the Storm, and The Flame Bearer left to listen. Each book is about 10-12 hours in length, and usually narrated well, however, the narrator changes nearly every books and is quite jarring. It looks I’m in for 2 more narrator changes but at least it looks consistent for the last few books.

I’m hoping to finish off the series by 15th or so, earlier the better, so I can listen to The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher and Bloodlist by P.N. Elrod. Both books are something I’m looking forward too as a change from historical fantasy. If Bloodlist is something I like, I will probably use my credits to pick up the following books in the series, as I am hooked into anything decent that involves Vampires and Werewolves.

During the christmas/new years steam sale I picked up Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on a pretty good deal. Definitely looking forward to playing that, I really liked Human Revolution aside from the mess up with the boss fights and I hope Mankind Divided has similar gameplay and playstyles.

The next game in my queue is Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, of which I have low expectations and hope it is better storywise than Unity was. I will probably go back to my tried and true 1 week on and 1 week off playing time for games in my queue.

I’m playing The Division again, the changes since 1.1 have been for the good and I like new modes of play. I also got back into WoW and leveled my Demon Hunter to 110. I’m going to leave it to let my artifact knowledge get higher before trying to gear out.

I also picked up a new Monitor, a 2560×1440 resolution monitor with a refresh rate of 144hz, and Headphones, Beyerdynamic DT 990 premium 250 ohm. The headphones are very good, I’m using them primarily for gaming but it’s also good for movies and music/audiobooks. I thought my ROG Xonar Phoebus would have a hard time driving the headphones but I was pleasantly surprised that it drives them just fine. I got DT 990’s for 219$ CAD, which is about 60$ off the normal price, I feel like I got a good deal and some good headphones.

This month I will be watching the rest of The Expanse, I’ve only watched the first episode so far and what I saw I liked. It was impressive enough that I will definitely start picking up the audiobook versions of the book series.

I’m looking forward to my trip to Vancouver and watch some good movies.

This is a smaller post than usual because I’ve already posted some lengthy posts detailing what I’m reading/listening/playing/watching.

Anyways, hope you have a good 2017.