The Witcher on Netflix.

Ok, this is pretty fucking sweet. First, American Gods gets adapted for TV. Second, Altered Carbon season 1 is coming out on netflix either this year or next year, and now The Witcher is gonna be a Netflix series (the link has more details.)

I started listening to the audiobooks for the Witcher series after playing through the first 2 games and while waiting for the Witcher 3, I really hope that the series will adapt some of the short stories from the Last Wish and the Sword of Destiny in some form.

Definitely looking forward to this.


Altered Carbon to be a 10 episode Netflix series.

Netflix Orders ‘Altered Carbon’ Sci-Fi Series From Laeta Kalogridis & Skydance

Definitely the best way to handle a book adaptation, to make it a series of episodes rather than cramming into a 2 hour movie. I picked Richard K Morgan as my favorite author in 2015 largely because of how good Altered Carbon, Broken Angels, and Woken Furies were, as well as Thirteen, and I’m definitely gonna check out the series when it’s available on netflix.

What I’m playing, listening to, watching, reading, looking forward to for December.

So, big news first, the internet where I live is finally being upgraded. Before this month, I was limited to 25 gigabytes of bandwidth/downloading for every month and at a slowish speed of 50 Kb/sec to 70 kb/sec. Now, I will have unlimited bandwidth and my download speed should be much better. I’m still on a wireless internet until the fiber optic service is rolled out here by the end of December but it should be much better and faster.

Okay, now that is out-of-the-way, I’m looking forward to the Legion expansion for World of Warcraft (so much so that I’m probably going to pre-order it soon and it will probably be the digital deluxe version for the cool things not WoW related, or more specifically the Illidan wings for Diablo 3.) The class changes have been interesting so far (except for Shamans, the most overlooked and underpowered class.) The Artifact weapons are a definite plus and I like that each spec of your class gets a specific weapon. And I’m interested to see how the Rogue changes work out as they have had the most interesting changes so far. Also, Demon Hunters are also a cool addition and I’m curious to see how they play. Death Knight’s were so OP at launch for Wrath of the Lich King but Monks were closer to meh. So I really want to see if Blizzard makes Demon Hunters fun and powerful.

I’m also looking forward to Overwatch next year, I’m interested in seeing how Blizzard will handle a FPS team based shooter. Will it be objective heavy? or Will it be more of a Team Death Match? I’m thinking it will be like Smite but with more emphasis on teamwork than individual play or score, like Heroes of the Storm is now.

With my internet situation on the up and up, I’m extremely looking forward to being able to watch on demand stuff from UFC Fight Pass (I want to watch all the old PRIDE events I missed watching) and getting Netflix to watch Jessica Jones and Daredevil. I’ve read and heard a lot of good things about both Netflix shows and I really want to be able to watch and enjoy them.

Also, the new internet situation here means I can finally update some of my games and get DLC I was holding off on. I’m referring to The Witcher 3 and its massive 10-15 gigabyte update a few months back and the Hearts of Stone DLC here mainly but I also want to be able to download (or update) and play: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Crysis 2, Starcraft 2, and Splinter Cell Blacklist.

I’m also wanting to check out Google play/Youtube RED, as getting one means having access to the other, and being able to watch or listen to what I ever I like.

Okay, back to more of specific thing, movies I’m looking forward to seeing on Blu ray or in the theatres (not as likely since I prefer watching movies at home now either on blu ray or on demand) are Captain America: Civil War, Sicario, Batman v Superman, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2, Crimson Peak, and The Last Witch Hunter.

This month for Blu rays I’ll be watching The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (I was going to hold off on getting it, then decided to pick it up right at the end of November) and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (it’s out on December 15th.) I’m also going to re-watch Blade Runner this month because Fallout 4 has kindled an interest in it as it has numerous elements and story nods to the movie (you basically are a Blade Runner.)

This month, as stated in a previous post, I will be listening to the audiobook of Thirteen by Richard K Morgan, and Firestarter by Stephen King. I’m going to start with Thirteen as it will sync up well when I finally get to download and play Crysis 2, which Morgan wrote the story for. It also plays well with Blade Runner, a movie I will be re-watching this month (due to Fallout 4) and the numerous cool westerns that I did not get around to watching in November (because of Fallout 4.) I picked up Firestarter as I’ve been thinking about broadening my Stephen King collection and I thought this would be a good pick up. I have yet to be disappointed with any King book so far and I liked the movie, so why the fuck not. It might also be a good lead in back to another re-listen of the Dark Tower audiobooks, as Charlie is basically a Breaker.

As sort of side note to the audiobooks, I’m very tempted to spend the 35$ to get 3 extra audible credits and start listening to the Harry Potter series. Stephen King, one of my favorite authors, writes and says good things about the series and I don’t want to dismiss it out of hand as “kids stuff” as I have for a lot things in the past (I’m looking at you Disney and Pixar movies.) I was impressed with the Hunger Games (I thought it was going to blah teenage angst twilight-y romantic young adult shit, and I was pleasantly proved wrong) and want to give the Harry Potter series a chance at least. On a similar note, Joe Abercrombie has a young adult fantasy series that might hook me in called the Shattered Sea series that I might check out. Wow, look at me wanting to check out and looking forward to Young Adult books.

For December’s audible credits, I plan to pick up The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, both from the Witcher series. I’ve also noticed that Audible has added listings (but nothing of note yet) for books 4 and 5, The Swallow’s Tower and Lady of the Lake. Definitely looking forward to being able to listen to the series again. Hopefully book The Swallow’s Tower and Lady of the Lake come out sooner rather than later but I’ll be happy to listen whenever they are released.

For Graphic Novels (and Books) this month, I’m still making my way slowly through a Knight in the Seven Kingdoms and a World of Ice and Fire as I want to keep my interest in the A Song of Ice and Fire series so I don’t feel the need to be looking up spoilers for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones. So far, this strategy is working out on multiple fronts.

I also have Batman: Killing Joke to read, something I want to take my time with and with no distractions. Extremely looking forward to reading it as I’ve heard that there might be an animated movie coming soon based on it that will have Mark Hamill voicing the Joker. Hopefully, they also get Kevin Conroy (who voiced Batman in the Animated series) as well.

I ordered and received the next 2 books in the Fables series, Arabian Nights and Wolves, and I’m going to start on them soon. The Fables series has been great so far and I can see why shows like Supernatural and Once Upon a Time have taken elements or concepts from the series. I haven’t watched or taken an interest in those shows (and probably won’t watch) but the Fables series is compelling and interesting to me. I look forward to my 2-3 Fables books per month pace until I get to the end of the series.

There is some good MMA on this month: The Ultimate Fighter Finale, UFC 194, and UFC on Fox Dos Anjos vs Cerrone. Solid cards for all from the main card down to the prelims.

On the Gaming front (saving the best for last here, I usually open up with gaming) I’m still going to be playing Fallout 4, this time more of a charismatic gunslinger type, a sort of cross between Malcolm Reynolds (I totally used that name for my character in Fallout 4 as it is one of the spoken names, my last character/playthrough was Zoe, Firefly fuck yeah!) and Roland of Gilead.

I will also pick up Legacy of the Void for Starcraft 2, I’ve enjoyed the story so far and would like to see how it plays out.

Crysis 2 is also on deck because I’ll finally be able to download and play it, I’ve heard that it’s mostly generic FPS fare but I want to play through the story as it was mainly written by one of my favorite authors, Richard K Morgan.

Spoilers ahead for the Witcher 3, you’ve had plenty of time to play it and see it. Still a warning for those that care about spoilers.

Also, I can finally update and play the DLC Hearts of Stone for the Witcher 3. I had a playthrough that I intended to try out the Yennefer romance (having read the first 3 books, I have a better appreciation for) and having Ciri become a Witcher (the last playthrough I did Ciri became the Empress, which is what the Lodge of Sorceresses wanted in the books, it worked well as a bittersweet ending.) Of all the games I plan to play this month, I’m looking forward to playing The Witcher 3 the most. I can say that Andrzej Sapkowski Witcher series is the reason for it.

I also have the Long Dark to scratch my itch for a survival game, something Fallout 4 sadly lacks though I’m sure there will be mod that adds basic survival needs soons.

I’m also still playing WoW occasionally, mostly PVPing but I still need a about 13 fragments to complete the legendary ring for my Rogue. I jump into when I have friends playing or as something when I need play something that isn’t Fallout 4. Diablo 3 hasn’t started a new season yet, so I haven’t played it at all this month, however I may load it up some time to see if my internet is truly better. I’ve had numerous problems with high latency and disconnects when playing Diablo 3 in the afternoon and I think it will be good indicator if my net is truly better.

Pretty long post here so lemme see if I got this spotify playlist linking thing right so you can get an idea of what I kinds of music I listen to, What I’m Listening to. You may need to sign up for an account to listen, but thems the breaks. It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’ll give you an idea of what I like in a general sense.

What I’m playing, listening to, watching, reading, looking forward to for November.

So another month with no upgrade to a fibre optic internet connection, what that means is that I will not be able to play the Witcher 3 expansion Hearts of Stone yet as it requires me to download a 10gb+ patch plus whatever the size of the DLC is, with my 25gb bandwidth limit for a month that effectively means I can’t afford to download it no matter how much I’d like to play it. That cover’s what I’d like to play but can’t for this month and even what I’m looking forward to when I eventually get a better internet connection.

After finally getting around to reading the fables books, I’m hooked into reading the series, I’m that much of a sucker for Urban fantasy (or fantasy in general) and especially good stories with interesting characters. I read the first 4 books in the Fables series (legends in Exile, Animal Farm, Story Book Love, and March of the Wooden Soldiers) back to back pretty rapidly and liked it a lot. I liked it enough to order up the next 2 books in the series (Mean Seasons, and The Homelands) which should arrive in a week or so. I also picked up Batman: The Killing Joke and I’m looking forward to that a lot.

On the book front, I’m still making my way through A World of Ice and Fire as well as the Dunk and Egg compilation A Knight in the Seven Kingdoms. It’s keeping me interested in the asoiaf series and making me wish that GRRM would finally finish writing The Winds of Winter. The Show has broken through and gotten ahead of the book series now and I’m really looking forward to what will happen on the show and how GRRM is going to deal with it.

As for gaming this month, Fallout 4 is coming out soon and I’ve ordered a physical copy because there is now way I have patience or bandwidth to deal with a 30gb download size. So I’ll be playing and replaying Fallout 4 as soon as I can. I also have a rather large backlog of games to play and finish spanning gaming services like Uplay, Steam, and Origin. This includes finally finishing Farcry 3, Farcry 2, Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall,  Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, GTA5, Crysis 2/3 (I still have about 6gb left to download for Crysis 2) and Dishonored. I also intend to replay Deus Ex (I downloaded Deus Ex: Revision), Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, and The Wolf Among Us. Realistically, I will probably only get to play about 2 or 3 of those with most of my time spent on Fallout 4. I’m also regularly playing Battlefield 4 and The Long Dark with infrequent jumps into playing Dayz. I’m still subbed to WoW which I do log in from time to time to play as well. Diablo 3 isn’t really gripping me back and like WoW there is precious little to do that holds my interest. I’ve also decided to hold off on picking up Legacy of the Void for the time being, that will probably mean waiting for a sale or getting it within the next few months.

I never really got around to fully rewatching Buffy season 4 and Angel season 1 yet, about 15 episodes into each so far, something I’ll get around to when I have the time.

I did manage to rewatch Firefly and the movie Serenity as well as watching all 6 episodes of Star Wars and my favorites of Star Trek.

For this month, I feel like watching some movies in the Westerns genre or movies that have that element to them. I’m thinking The Silver Dollars Trilogy, High Plains Drifter, Django Unchained, Once Upon a Time in the West, No Country for Old Men, John Wick, Looper, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Unforgiven and Tombstone. I’m going to attribute this to Fallout 4 and Firefly/Serenity. Fallout 4 because I intend to do a Gunslinger of Gilead type playthrough, one relying on equal parts smart planning, improvisation, a quick draw, deadly aim, Charisma, and Diplomacy. Maybe I’ll even take the name Roland, especially if it one of the available voiced names.

The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition is out on blu ray and while I’m interest in finally watching the movie itself, I’m more interested in the special features that usually dwarf the movie length itself. I love watching some good special features and Peter Jackson LOTR/Hobbit movies never skimp on the special features.

On the Audiobook front, I broke down and listed to the first 5 hours of Name of the Wind (the first book in the KingKiller Chronicles) on Halloween and extremely enjoyed every bit of it. So worth picking up, the narration and writing both were very good. Needless to say, I’ll be listening the KingKiller Chronicles this month. I was a little disappointed to find the series is not finished yet and the book 2.5 is only about 3 hours long. Still, I am happy to have picked this series up and eager to listen to both books. With my 2 audible credits this month I intend to either check out the series I mentioned last month (Alex Verus, the Laundry Files, and the Owner series), or Richard K Morgan’s books Market Forces and Thirteen, or Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard series, or Stephen King’s Jack Sawyer books (The Talisman and Black House.) This also could all be moot as well since I may pick up any of the books in my audible wish list or even a new series that might hook me in. Right now, I’m leaning towards Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard series but that might and probably will change from now until my audible credits are in around the last week of November.

For a relisten of audiobooks, I may get around to Joe Abercrombie’s Red Country and John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War (I’m up to the Last Colony, with the Human Division and End of All Things left to listen to.) I was also very tempted to get back into The Dark Tower Series after a relisten of Salem’s Lot but I’ll probably save that for next month.

I’ve found a lot of things to look forward to both in upcoming months and next year. In December, according a reddit poster in the witcher subreddit, the Sword of Destiny will be released on Audible which I will pick up if it’s available along with The Last Wish. I’ve enjoyed the Witcher Audiobooks and it gave me a greater appreciation of just how well the books were adapted into stand alone tales for video games by CD Projekt Red. Also, from my limited research, I’ve learned that Joe Abercrombie is releasing a compilation of his short stories and novellas in the First Law series called Sharp Ends that should be out next year some time. The next book, in my favorite series, The Dresden Files  by Jim Butcher called Peace Talks should be out next year as well and I’m definitely looking forward to that. When my internet is finally better, I intend to pick up Netflix for Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

There is some good mma upcoming in the next few months as well, I’m looking forward to watching UFC 193 for Rousey vs Holm and Joanna Champion vs Valerie Letourneau as well as Mark Hunt vs Bigfoot Silva. There is also numerous fight nights upcoming that are potentially good: Belfort vs Henderson, Thug Rose Namajunas vs Paige VanZant, Henderson vs Alves, Brown vs Gastelum, UFC 194 Aldo vs McGregor, Dos Anjos vs Cerrone 2, and the Ultimate Fighter Finale (which has some very good fights lined up for it.) The fight card I’m looking forward to most is Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit (UFC 195), 2 of my favorite fighters that really put on a show when an opponent is game enough to engage them. You may notice I’m exclusively focusing on just UFC here but that’s only because Bellator is only available in non HD here and Shaw direct does not carry AXS either. So the UFC is my sole avenue for my mma at the moment. Also Fight Pass will be worth it once my net is no longer shitty or limited to 25gb per month.

So my month is pretty stacked for things to do and like Logen Ninefingers says “you have to be realistic about these things,” so I expect to get through about 3/4 of these things and continue to chip away at my backlog of games. The only for sure things about this month is Fallout 4, The Battle of the Five Armies, The KingKiller Chronicles, The Wolf Among Us, and my Westerns movies.

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I just got through listening to it last night and it was pretty good, I can see why so many would like it and I can’t really understand why people wouldn’t like it. I got the cast version of the audiobook and it was extremely well done. The narration was great and the cast doing the voice work for all the characters was top-notch.

The story had me hooked in the first 20mins and I was listening to it a lot over the last couple days because I just wanted to hear a good story. The story has a lot of elements of different genres (Fantasy being the most prominent) and that all combined together rather well.  I can totally see why this book is being adapted for TV series, and I think HBO is missing out big time here by letting it go.

Definitely a Gaiman fan now, American Gods and Neverwhere impressed me a lot and I’m a sucker for a good fantasy (or urban fantasy) based story. Totally going to pick up Gaiman’s collected short story works in Trigger Warning next month.

Awesome fan art of the Stark Children


The Stark Children by Aireenscolor on deviantart.

Awesome work, love the details for each character. Rob has his iron crown and an arrow piercing Greywind, Jon Snow with longclaw and I assume being kissed by fire with the Wall in the background, the little bird for Sansa and Lady bleeding on the cage, Arya holding needle with the iron coin, Bran with the 3 eyed crow and the winterfell tower, Rickon gets a wierwood tree (not sure why though, still pretty awesome looking.) Seen it in this thread in the r/asoiaf subreddit