Luke Thomas on UFC 223.

An amazing card coming up next week, can’t wait to see it. I’m picking Tony Ferguson and Thug Rose Namajunus.


UFC 205.

Can’t wait to see how the card is tomorrow.

Looking forward to nearly every fight and it’s gonna be a long day, as I’ll be watching the fight pass prelims then the prelims and then the main card. I’m gonna go with Woodley, Alvarez, and Joanna Champion as my 3 picks. I think Weidman beats Romero though, and Tate gets a decision win over Pennington, gonna go with Frankie Edgar getting a decision over Jeremy Stephens, and I hope Michael Johnson beats Khabib Nurmagomedov but I see Khabib getting an ugly lay and pray unanimous decision win and then calling out the winner of McGregor/Alvarez. I think Tony Ferguson deserves the next title shot but if Conor wins I assume the UFC will get Nate Diaz to fight Conor in the trilogy fight for the lightweight title.

A shame that some fighters missed weight and the Cerrone fight got cancelled, Thiago Alves was able to notify the UFC and Jim Miller that he wasn’t able to make 155lbs, and Jim Miller was able to rehydrate to get within the 7lbs maximum weight differential to save the fight. Alves vs Miller is a catchweight fight now and I’m think Jim Miller will get the win.

Definitely a great card, and I’m gonna be watching every fight on the card.

What I am playing/listening to/watching/reading/looking forward to for November 2016.

October was pretty rough for me and I’m just gonna say some non related stuff here. My dad died last week of pancreatic cancer, he was diagnosed 6 weeks ago and the doctors told us he had a few weeks to live. The day before he died, the doctors estimated he only had hours left, he fought on for a day longer. It’s a tough thing to deal with, he was my Dad and now he’s gone. I was told once that there things in life that happen and there isn’t anything you can do about it all you can do it carry it. It’s not a burden and the emotions while sad, are not negative or hurtful, it’s just processing grief.

My dad, like most dads do, use to tell me how tough he was when I was a kid and after watching him battle and fight these last 6 weeks, I believed it then and I believe it now.

RIP Dad. I’ll see you again when I reach the clearing at the end of the path.

It feels weird and wrong just to carry on, but that’s life. A quote from Jim Butcher from the Dresden Files: White Night puts what I’m feeling right now into words better than I could.

We still hadn’t learned, though, that growing up is all about getting hurt. And then getting over it. You hurt. You recover. You move on. Odds are pretty good you’re just going to get hurt again. But each time, you learn something.

Each time, you come out of it a little stronger, and at some point you realize that there are more flavors of pain than coffee. There’s the little empty pain of leaving something behind – graduating, taking the next step forward, walking out of something familiar and safe into the unknown. There’s the big, whirling pain of life upending all of your plans and expectations. There’s the sharp little pains of failure, and the more obscure aches of successes that didn’t give you what you thought they would. There are the vicious, stabbing pains of hopes being torn up. The sweet little pains of finding others, giving them your love, and taking joy in their life they grow and learn. There’s the steady pain of empathy that you shrug off so you can stand beside a wounded friend and help them bear their burdens.

And if you’re very, very lucky, there are a very few blazing hot little pains you feel when you realized that you are standing in a moment of utter perfection, an instant of triumph, or happiness, or mirth which at the same time cannot possibly last – and yet will remain with you for life.

Everyone is down on pain, because they forget something important about it: Pain is for the living. Only the dead don’t feel it.

Pain is a part of life. Sometimes it’s a big part, and sometimes it isn’t, but either way, it’s a part of the big puzzle, the deep music, the great game. Pain does two things: It teaches you, tells you that you’re alive. Then it passes away and leaves you changed. It leaves you wiser, sometimes. Sometimes it leaves you stronger. Either way, pain leaves its mark, and everything important that will ever happen to you in life is going to involve it in one degree or another.

-Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files: White Night.


So with that said, this is me trying to carry on.

Gonna start with Audiobooks first. I’m still re-listening to the Dark Tower series, I’m at the end of the Wastelands and will immediately jump into Wizard and Glass right after. I’d like to do a re-listen of The Stand (I still might, it’s almost 48 hours long) before Wizard and Glass but it’s very long and will make this re-listen go up until December.

I still have the rest of Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon Stories/The Last Kingdom series to listen to as well, books 4-9. The books are short and I’ll likely go through them quickly as they are only about 10-12 hours long. I also have The Hobbit, which I’ll get around to eventually. This backlog of 6+ books means that I will to choose some more books to pick up with my audible credits for November and December. This will likely be one of the following series: Sandman Slim, The Black Company, The Felix Castor series. I will definitely Pre-order Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology with 1 of my audible credits this month. I’ve been thinking about picking up Jim Butcher’s Aeronaut’s Windlass as well. I will most likely go with the Gaiman book and Aeronaut’s Windlass this month and then into one of the previously mentioned series in December.

For gaming this month, I have stopped my subscription for World of Warcraft and started to use some of my gold to pick up tokens for 30 days of game time. WoW is a good game that I’m slowly starting to stop playing for no real reason other than it takes up so much of my gaming time. It’s the type of game you either go all in on or you want to just quit. Not that I necessarily want to quit, just not have it as the main focus for my gaming time. I am slowly wanting to stop playing though, with no real reason as the game is fun. Mythics, Mythic Plus, Karazhan, and the odd Battleground is fun to do. The progression of the Artifact weapons is nice and feels rewarding to complete each trait. It’s just that I’m losing the will to keep up the time investment.

I played some, around 10 hours, of Civilization 6 and liking it so far. Most of the changes have been good but this does not mean the game is flawless or perfect or great. The A.I. cheats, the difficulty only makes it so the A.I. gets tech and other things quicker and cheaper than the player. I hate to say the A.I is the major problem but it is, pointing to the A.I as a fault is pretty hollow for a criticism and it’s picking low hanging bitter fruit because every game has this problem, it is only more pronounced in turn based or real-time strategy games. However, it is still very fun to play and easy to lose a few hours playing it. Definitely worth the money and I have no regrets pre ordering it.

I have also wanted to get into my backlog of games, the Assassin’s Creed series (Rogue, Unity, Syndicate) and Dishonored being the games in particular. The trailer for the Assassin’s Creed movie got me thinking about the series and planted the desire to play the series. As for Dishonored, I watched some cool let’s play highlight videos and the desire to pick up the sequel. Skyrim Special Edition was released recently and the nostalgia is really sucking me in. I also picked up DOOM on a sale and also want to check it out.

I’ve also wanted to pick up Farcry: Primal, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided but I may just wait to pick those up on sale.

For movies this month, I wanted to quickly talk about X-men Apocalypse. I really liked the movie, it captured and re-imagined the characters pretty good. Oscar Isaac and Michael Fassbender portrayed their respective characters with some great acting and nuance. The special features were very good as well, I enjoyed the audio commentary and the short featurettes. Overall, I thought it was a good movie and had some good special features, it was a worthwhile purchase.

This week, I plan to pick up Star Trek Beyond on blu ray.

On the streaming video front, I added some movies I’ve wanted to watch or rewatch. The Prestige, The Princess Bride, Mystery Men, Master and Commander, The Forest, Pale Rider, American Psycho, and the Magnificent Seven (1960). I may also check out Westworld (the old movie.)

I’ve found out that The Expanse will be available on CraveTV on November 4th and I may just renew my subscription just for that.

I’ve also been obsessively been watching HBO’s Westworld, definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already as good sci-fi is hard to come by.

I’m also watching Luke Cage on netflix, it’s missing the compelling and memorable villain that Daredevil has with Wilson Fisk and Jessica Jones had with Kilgrave but it’s enjoyable. I’m on episode 8 at the moment.

I’m also re-watching The Wire (I’m on season 2) and will do one for Deadwood as well. Call it all getting back into the Dark Tower.

I may be travelling next year and during that time I will check out Logan, The Dark Tower, and Assassin’s Creed as those are the movies I’m most looking forward to watching.

For gaming, I’d really like to see Rockstar do a PC port for Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s unlikely but there is at least a year before it comes out and it is a remote possibility that it will. Dishonored 2, Final Fantasy XV, Hitman, and Battlefield 1 are games that come out in the next few months or are already out now that I would like to check out. In 2017, I’m looking forward to Mass Effect: Andromeda, Prey, and Horizon Zero Dawn. For some of those games I may need to pick up Playstation 4 to play them, and I may just end up doing that in the next few months.

What I am playing/listening to/watching/reading/looking forward to for July 2016.

This month is gonna be decent one for gaming, audiobooks and movies for me.

I finally have a plan to deal with my backlog of games and DLC to playthrough. It’s a 1 week on and 1 week off system, in the on week I will play a game or play the DLC for a game for that week (usually takes me a couple of days to finish a game, a week should allow me to play through 1 game and its DLC if any) and in the off week I’ll be listening to my audiobooks. So 2 weeks out of every month is dedicated to playing through one of the backlog games.

I’ve already started with Dragon Age Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC, which was decent but this seemed better off as a gift to fans to bridge to their next game and it would have been a fine bait to hook in more buys of Jaws of Hakkon and The Descent. No regrets in picking it up as it nicely tied up the story, provide greater detail on the repercussions of your actions as the Inquisitor, a more thorough epilogue of the game, and a nice set up for Dragon Age 4.

In between sessions of Overwatch, I’ve been playing through The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine DLC, which is great so far. As usual, I started off the DLC by immediately going after the new Gwent Deck, The Skellige. However, the side missions and the story have been fun as well. I’ve only done the first parts of the main quest so far but I’m immediately hooked because of Vampires.

Speaking of Vampires, I picked up Legacy of Kain: Defiance from during a sale and will get it to it soon. The Legacy of Kain games are one of my favorite game series and it delivers on voice acting, story, and great characters. I’ll get around to replaying this later in the month.

I also picked up Assassin’s Creed Syndicate for 22$ on a sale, which is my ideal price point for games (anything between 20$-45$) and I’m looking forward to playing it after I finish AC: Rogue and AC: Unity.

I also decided to get Bioshock Infinite’s season pass on sale, as well as the bundle deal on Bioshock 1/2 (which will soon be remastered and free to those that own 1 and 2 later this year.)

The Legion pre-patch for WoW should be out this month as well and I’m looking forward to trying out all the new changes for every class/spec. At the moment, I’m probably going to playing Death Knight (unholy and blood spec), Rogue (Assassination Spec), Mage (Frost Spec.) However, depending on the changes to Assassination I could also be playing Monk (Windwalker, Mistweaver.) I could also being playing Shaman (Enhancement, Restoration) or even Demon Hunter (Havoc, Vengeance.) I like to keep my option open.

I was avoiding picking up new games for a while because my backlog was pretty immense and seemed hard to deal with but now that I have a system to deal with it, I’m pretty happy with adding new (or older games) to my library.

On the audiobook front, which was one of the reasons I was slacking on my backlog of games, I can finally get into series’ and sequences again. In my off week of gaming I’ll be able to focus on listening my audiobooks without the worry of not being able to listen to at least 2 books a month.

This month I’ll be listening to Stephen King’s hardboiled detective Bill Hodges Trilogy (Mr Mercedes, Finders Keepers, End of Watch.) I will be starting on the 10th and it should only take a week to listen to the whole series.  I also have an extra audible credit this month that I may use to start a new series, which is mostly likely to be the Sandman Slim series but could also be Kate Daniels series or The Last Kingdom series.

I’m going to pick up the ultimate edition of Batman v Superman this month which is supposed to be out on the 19th. I’m looking forward to checking that out and judging it for myself. I liked Man of Steel and I like Zack Snyder as a director.

UFC 200 is also coming up this month and I’m extremely looking forward to seeing some great fights next week.

Also, how fucking good was this seasons Game of Thrones? The wait til next season is gonna be killer.

I’m looking forward to the Legion Expansion (due out end of August), Skyrim Remastered (due out October 28th), Bioshock remastered, and Neil Gaiman’s new book Norse Mythology.

What I am playing/listening to/watching/reading/looking forward to for March 2016.

About 20 more days and I get basically a new computer by changing out my AMD fx-8350 CPU and Gigabyte 990fx motherboard out for a Intel i7-4790k CPU and an ASUS Z97-A/USB 3.1 motherboard, which I’m pretty excited for. I went with a i7 because I rip a lot of the blu rays movies and special features from the Blu Rays I buy each month to my external HD and the planned upgrade should cut the time I transcode movies from MKV files to smaller but very similar quality MP4 files.

Which leads me into … What I’m watching this month. It will be a fairly decent amount as a couple of bigger movies are coming out on Blu Ray this month, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 3 and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I will be getting both and I hope to have upgraded to my i7-4790k CPU and Windows 10 by then. I am also contemplating picking up Casino Royale (so that I have all the newer Bonds on BR), and Cloverfield. I’m also going to watch Daredevil Season 2 which is supposed to be out soon. I’ve been watching the Netflix series Love and like it’s hilariously awkward humor. I finished up Jessica Jones mid February and goddamn it was good, after I’m done reading the Fables graphic novels I will be picking up the re released Alias graphic novels. I also plan to watch the Extended cut versions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit Trilogy, I’ve been watching the Battle of Five Armies special features and finally finished watching both of them (combined around 9 hours long.)

At the moment, I am just playing WoW because I’ve found it pretty cool to be able to cap out (or come very close to capping out) all my toons (6! DK, Rogue, Priest, Hunter, Shaman, and Mage) by just doing the daily battleground which awards 225 conquest. However, this will change when Fallout 4’s DLC hits or I get the whim to replay the Witcher 3 or the Assassin’s Creed games (Rogue and Unity) or play Crysis 2. One thing is certain though, I will be playing the Division when it launches next week and looking forward to that.

On the Audiobook front though, things are a bit more exciting. As I have some extra money now, I picked up another 3 credits to pick up Book 3 of Neal Asher’s Owner Trilogy and 2 Witcher books (The Sword of Destiny and The Last Wish.) This means I have about 6 audiobooks to listen to, having just finished the first part of the Owner Trilogy, which is pretty good and narrated pretty well. Mark this down as another good recommendation from Felicia Day, her goodreads reviews are pretty good and I’ve already added another book to my wishlist based on her review of Zero World. The audiobook for Zero World is read by Gideon Emery, a voice actor of note and who had a cool part in the first season of Daredevil. Along with Zero World, I plan to pick up Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn because I was very impressed by the movie which I recently watched on Netflix and I enjoy comparing it to the source material to see how well adapted the movie is. I will pick up Zero World and Gone Girl later in the month. It does not end there, however, I am planning to re-listen to the First Law Trilogy and the First Law World books, as Best Served Cold and The Heroes (2 of my favorite books in the series) have been re-released with Steven Pacey as the narrator, providing a single voice for Abercrombie’s First Law series. So that means for March, I will have 8  new books in total to listen to (The Witcher: Sword of Destiny, The Witcher: The Last Wish, Zero Point, Jupiter War, Best Served Cold, The Heroes, Zero World, and Gone Girl) and 4 others to relisten to (The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged, Last Argument of Kings, and Red Country.)

I’ve slowed down considerably on my reading as netflix and numerous audiobooks take up a lot of my time, so I still have a couple of Fables graphic novels to read. I have The Good Prince to read as well as War and Pieces.

I’m looking forward to completing my upgrades this month. I’m also looking forward to setting up an excellent birthday dinner because I like to cook and make everything myself. Besides reading and gaming, I enjoy cooking. I am also extremely looking forward to this weekend and UFC 196 McGregor vs Diaz and the co-main event as well. I’m team 209 (wut bitch, stockton motherfucker!) and going with Nate “Real Motherfucking Ninja” Diaz over Conor McGregor.

Hope whoever reads these ramblings, that you also have a good month and I wish you long days and pleasant nights.

What I’m playing/listening/watching/reading and looking forward to for January.

So a new year and new month is here, my holidays were pretty good and I managed to pick up a couple of the things I’m looking forward to either read or play this month.

For gaming this month, I picked up Sunless Sea, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and Game of Thrones – A Telltale Game Series. All of which I’ve been thinking about picking up and playing. In particular I was really looking forward to play Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 when they were first released on the playstation and I’m pretty happy that Squaresoft are porting their games to PC and using Steam. I’ve been interested in trying out the Assassin’s Creed games since playing Black Flag. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Sunless Sea and pretty happy that it was on sale. After playing The Wolf Among Us, I really wanted to play Telltale’s Game of Thrones, it will be something that will help keep my interest in the A Song of Ice and Fire series until the new season of Game of Thrones.

At the moment I’m playing the shit out of World of Warcraft, the new arena season has rekindled my interest. I have also been trying to get legendaries on some of my alts. At the moment, I’ve been working on my Mage’s legendary Staff quest. I’m about halfway through the questline, specifically on the Branch of Nordrassil part of the Delegation quest. I also had some extra money to pick up a couple in-game pets, a mount, and a helm.

Winged Guardian

Winged Guardian

Winged Guardian

Winged Guardian

Soul of the Aspects.

Soul of the Aspects.

Lil' Ragnaros

Lil’ Ragnaros

Hood of Hungering Darkness and Transmog.

Hood of Hungering Darkness and Transmog.

Pretty happy with getting in-game items, and after 10 years of playing WoW I figured I play enough and spend enough time playing to justify spending the money on the items.

A new season will start in Diablo 3 and I’m looking forward to playing it again. A lot of cool changes to different sets and a couple new sets have been added. I think I’m gonna try out a Demon Hunter and a Crusader.

In times when I’m not playing WoW or Diablo 3, I will be playing Final Fantasy XIII.

For audiobooks this month, I’ll be listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blooded Prince. I’m already about 5 hours into it already. I’m enjoying the Harry Potter series so far and can easily see why the series is so popular and in particular I like to get into the details put in (or left out) of the adaptation of the books to film. So far I find the series very compelling and I like that it moves past just being a “kids book” after book 2 (and it really does pick up in book 4.) I look forward to finishing up the series with the Deathly Hallows later in the month. I’m enjoying the narration by Jim Dale, however the female voicing is a little underwhelming. Dale’s pronunciation of Harry, it sounds a lot like Hair Ree! It’s odd at first but it becomes endearing after 5 novels.

With my other audible credit, I’m going to pick up A Knight in the Seven Kingdoms. I keep meaning to read the book I ordered but I never really get around it, so I wanted to pick it up to listen to it. It’s narrated by Harry Lloyd, who played Viserys in HBO’s Game of Thrones. The sample I heard and I found it to be pretty good, so I’m really looking forward to it.

With my better internet connection and my unlimited bandwidth cap (SO MUCH BETTER than a 25 gigabyte cap), I may also pick up an extra 3 audible credits. IF I do pick up an extra 3 credits, I will most likely pick up 2 books in the Witcher series, The Sword of Destiny and The Last Wish. I’m hoping the audiobooks for The Swallow’s Tower (Book 4 in the series) and Lady of the Lake (Book 5 in the series) will be released some time this year. With the 3rd credit IF I get the extra credits, I want to pick up Richard K Morgan’s Market Forces.  Morgan was my favorite author last year, as I said in a previous post, and definitely want to check it especially after being blown away by Morgan’s Thirteen.

This month I’ll be watching the Harry Potter series on bluray, I got it on sale from for 49.99$. I find it pretty cool that I’ll be rewatching the series after listening to the audiobooks and finishing the series later this month. I also picked up Mission Impossible: 5 movie collection for 29.99$ on bluray, which I will definitely be watching this month. I really enjoyed Rogue Nation and looking forward to re-watching it later this month. I also pre-ordered Sicario on bluray and I am extremely looking forward to watching it this month. I was supposed to watch it during my trip to vancouver a couple of months ago but Sicario was changed to a limited release and I could not watch it because my trip was only a few day and not 2 months long.

I also picked up the next 3 books in the Fables series, Fables Volume 9: Sons of Empire, Fables Volume 10: The Good Prince, Fables Volume 11: War and Pieces. I am extremely looking forward to reading these and seriously considering picking up some of the stand alone books, in particular the Cinderella books because I really like the spy aspect of her character. For the curious, the books are Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love and Cinderella: Fables Are Forever.

Since this is the new year, I want to list a couple of the things I’m looking forward to this year.

  1. The Dresden Files: Peace Talks – the newest book in the dresden files which is my favorite service. Hopefully released within the first 6 months of the year.
  2. Sharp Ends: A compilation of Joe Abercrombie’s short stories in the First Law series.
  3. Overwatch – Blizzard’s new arena based shooter.
  4. Daredevil – on Netflix, when I eventually get real fibre optic net.
  5. Jessica Jones – Another Netflix series.
  6. Narcos – Yet another Netflix series.
  7. World of Warcraft: Legion – The new expansion to WoW which will be released later on 2016.
  8. The X-Files Revival – January 24th 2016, can’t fucking wait.
  9. Game of Thrones season 6 – Obviously. I wasn’t too impressed with season 5 finale, I felt it was a bit bait and switch as well in bad taste with everything ending in a cliffhanger (especially the Stannis and Brienne bit), but I really liked the season overall.
  10. Final Fantasy XV – the previews and teasers are looking pretty good.
  11. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – I really like how well done Human Revolution was and I’m hoping Mankind Divided is half as good.
  12. Mass Effect: Andromeda – It’s possible that this will be released this year and I hope it lives up to hype.
  13. The Laundry Files – I really want to listen to a new urban fantasy series and I’ve read several recommendations from reddit about it.
  14. Shattered Sea series by Joe Abercrombie – Definitely want to check it out, it’s another Young Adult series. I’m really trying to get past that bias of mine.
  15. Gentleman Bastard Sequence by Scott Lynch – Another series that get a lot of good recommendations from the various subreddits I lurk on.

Out of them all, I am really looking forward to Peace Talks, Sharp Ends, and Overwatch, all of which I plan to pre-order as soon as they are available.