Darksiders: The Documentary | Gameumentary

A pretty good documentary of 2 of my favorite games. Watching this made me want to playthrough Darksiders 2 again.


Blizzcon Cinematics.

Blizzard on point with their cinematics.

The Reinhardt Honor and Glory short is amazing, everything about him in one short and very compelling cinematic. Blizzard is being very effective with these animated shorts to tell the “story” for Overwatch and being quite versatile with the tones for each video. The Junkrat and Junkertown one was over the top and funny, with this one about Reinhardt being somber and reflective that effectively tugs at your emotions.

And 2 more for World of Warcraft’s Expansion called Battle for Azeroth.

Dat Cinematic Trailer doe. Makes you wonder why Blizzard didn’t do a Completely CGI movie.

I find it interesting that this new expansion is trying to recapture the “Drums of War” feeling from vanilla WoW.

Which seems to be the intention because Blizzard also announced WoW Classic.

I’m not really thrilled about because I played a lot of Vanilla WoW and there is a lot of people who seem to remember and view it through some major rose-colored glasses because of nostalgia. People already complain how grindy and repetitive WoW is now while completely ignoring how tedious and tiresome Vanilla WoW was. Does anyone even remember how hard it was to get gold for an epic mount or 50 gold respecs? Or the difficulty in getting 40 people together for a raid? Or that Warriors were the only real tanks and that some specs were completely not viable at all in a raid setting? Vanilla was not Alt friendly either. There will be no groupfinder for quests or raids or dungeons either, which was also a problem in Vanilla unless you were in a helpful guild.

Anyways, some pretty good cinematics outta Blizzcon today with some interesting direction and changes to WoW with new expansion. I am looking forward to see how it plays out.

The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, read by Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman is such a good narrator, one of the very few writers who can really narrate well and his reading of parts of the 10th Anniversary edition of American Gods or narrating Neverwhere is so well done. This is also extremely well done and the ambiance is great.

I like his work so much that I’ve pre-ordered his next novel, the audiobook version of course, Norse Mythology. Some time next year the TV adaptation of American Gods is out as well, something I’m really looking forward too especially with Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday and Orlando Jones as Anansi.