Game of Thrones Season 7: Official Trailer.

Now that is a good hype building trailer, the teaser they released before fell flat on many levels but this Official Trailer is pretty good. The premiere is out on July 16th 2017, as there is usually a lull in the summer for any type of content except movies this is will fill that void for me.


The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, read by Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman is such a good narrator, one of the very few writers who can really narrate well and his reading of parts of the 10th Anniversary edition of American Gods or narrating Neverwhere is so well done. This is also extremely well done and the ambiance is great.

I like his work so much that I’ve pre-ordered his next novel, the audiobook version of course, Norse Mythology. Some time next year the TV adaptation of American Gods is out as well, something I’m really looking forward too especially with Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday and Orlando Jones as Anansi.

Star Wars Battlefront – Become more powerful.

Dat music tho, pretty good advertisement. I like that some terribly iconic pop/rock/rap song wasn’t used, that Star Wars music is so iconic and anything else would have been a let down. I’m still thinking about whether I should pick this up or preorder Overwatch or WoW’s Legion Expansion or use some that money to do a couple of race changes for most of my human toons, possibly to Night Elf or Draenei or both. Right now, I’m leaning towards not picking up battlefront but it’s something I might just do on a spur of the moment thing.