Audible for April/May 2017.

So, after a little struggle with my 2 audibooks per month for the last 3 1/2 years, I (finally) really got back into the pace I had in the first 3 years.

In the last month and first 3 weeks of this month, I’ve been on an audiobook binge in various fantasy and scifi genres. I finished up John Scalzi’s The Collapsing Empire, P.N Elrod’s Blood Circle, Bernard Cornwell’s The Flame Bearer, Cormac McCarthy’s No Country For Old Men, Stephen King’s It, Mass Effect Andromeda: Nexus Uprising by Jason M. Hough and K.C. Alexander, and I’m currently listening to Neil Gaiman’s Anansi Boys.  I am about half-way through Anansi Boys, which I am really enjoying because of the great story and interesting characters, as well as the excellent narration by Lenny Henry. Henry’s provides a great range of voices and is very consistent with them, it really adds the listening experience and really adds a lot to the story. I picked up Anansi Boys because it was on an Audible Daily deal for 3.95$ USD, about 5.45$ CAD, and it was well worth it. I’m not usually one to buy anything on a daily deal of any sort, especially on a whim, but Anansi/Mr. Nancy in Gaiman’s American Gods was such an interesting and compelling character that I thought it would be worth it. It was also well recommended on the various subreddits I lurk on or comment in.

I’ve already gave my thoughts on Scalzi’s The Collapsing Empire in a previous post, however, I will reiterate how much I enjoyed it and how good Wil Wheaton’s narration was.

For Blood Circle by P.N. Elrod, book 3 in the Vampire Files series, there was a change in narrator for this book and it was jarring at first but it grew on my as I finished it. This is a series I will be jumping in and out of, as it is a 10 book series, because there are a lot of other books in my audible wish list that I wish to listen to based on my mercurial listening habits. I’m hooked into anything with a decent story and interesting characters, doubly so when it involves Vampires and Werewolves, and the Vampire files series has a very interesting characters with a good story with vampires. Overall, I enjoyed the book and so far the series hasn’t disappointed me on any front, I look forward to jumping back into the series when I can.

The Flame Bearer by Bernard Cornwell was extremely well done both in story and characters, as well as top-notch narration by Matt Bates. I’ve read the entire series since I’ve watched season 1 of the Last Kingdom on Netflix, with season 2 nearly over as well. I can totally see how this series influenced A Song of Ice and Fire in some respects. The series over all is great and well worth listening to as all the books are well narrated despite a couple of change in narrators over the series. I’m probably mistaken in calling this a finished series, but I since I’ve finished in the last book in the series so far, I consider it done for moment. At least until I hear or read something that says otherwise. With the BBC/Netfilx series, The Saxon Stories or The Last Kingdom Series is well worth checking out if you are checking out the TV/Netflix show adaptation. The audiobooks are in the 10-12 hour ranged, something I consider in between light and moderate length.

No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy, is about 7 and 1/2 hours long, and if you watched the movie you basically got the what the entire book is like. The movie is an extremely well adapted from the novella and manages to get a lot of the book into a 2 hour movie. After listening to this, it made me want to check out Blood Meridian. However, if I didn’t pick this up on an audible daily deal, I probably would not have listened to this audiobook.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Nexus Uprising by Jason M. Hough and K.C. Alexander. This was my first tie in to videogames spawning a book, and I was impressed by it. It had all the elements of what I consider best in a mass effect game, namely good characters and a decent story. Fryda Wolff, who voices Sara Ryder in the game, narrates the story extremely well and proves a good range of voices for the different characters in the book. I thought the book would be a decent one, but impressed me enough to want to check out more of the 2 authors other work. I’ve already was extremely impressed with Hough’s Zero World, so I added his series Dire Earth Cycle books to my audible wish list all of which are narrated by Simon Vance, who has narrated some of my favorite scifi audiobooks (Dune, 13/Blackman.) Unfortunately, I could not find any of K.C  Alexander’s books on Audible.

It by Stephen King narrated by Steven Weber, this was well worth the purchase because it’s a great story with good characters and Weber, aside from a few clipped sentences here and there, did an excellent job narrating. Weber did an amazing job proving a good voice for the dialogue for all the characters.

With my 2 audible credits this month I picked up N.K. Jemisin’s The Fifth Season and Jean Hegland’s Into the Forest, I’ve been looking forward to checking Jemisin’s Broken Earth series because I’ve heard she drew some inspiration from the mage/templar conflict from the Dragon Age Series and Into the Forest because I watched the excellent movie starring Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood and only realized it was an adaptation a book after watching the movie. I will most likely start listening to both in May because I’m currently listening to the Anansi Boys.


Audible for September/October.

I’ve been re-listening to the First Law Series stuff this last month, the Trilogy and the World books, I’m on Best Served Cold at the moment and will get into The Heroes right after. The Heroes has become my favorite of the entire series, followed closely by Best Served Cold, and is a favorite of mine to re-listen too. When I finish The Heroes, I will be jumping back into the Last Kingdom series and finishing it off in October.

I used my 2 audible credits this month to pick up Death of Kings (book 6) and The Pagan Lord (book 7), I still have Sword Song: The Battle for London (Book 4) and The Burning Lands (Book 5) to listen too as well. I will end up finishing the series in late October as I will be using my 2 audible credits to pick up book 8 and 9 (the last 2 in the series so far.) I’ve enjoyed the series so far and the books have only intensified my interest in the show.

I also picked up the Hobbit on sale for 4.95$ (USD$, about 6.70$ CAD) which I thought was a pretty good deal and did not hesitate to get.

I’m enjoying my relisten to the First Law series and also can’t wait to finish off the Last Kingdom series next month.

Audible for July/August.

So I decided to go in a different direction again for audible this month, instead of jumping into either Sandman Slim or The Black Company, I went with Bernard Cornwell’s Last Kingdom series. I picked up the first 3 books in the series (which are the Last Kingdom, The Pale Horseman, and Lords of the North) and I may also buy an additional 3 audible credits to pick up the next 3 books as well.

I decided to go with the Last Kingdom series because I really enjoyed the TV series (I watched it on Canadian Netflix, and is currently on US Netflix as of July) and because GRRM recommended it on his blog a few years back. I stumbled back onto it from a post on reddit that linked an IMGUR post which was just a visual representation of his blog post and going through it again I found I’ve read some of it already. The Books in question being Joe Abercrombie’s First Law series books (especially Best Served Cold and the Heroes), Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard sequence (The Lies of Locke Lamora in the post but also the 2 other books Red Seas Under Red Skies and The Republic of Thieves), and Patrick Rothfuss’ KingKiller Chronicles (The Name of the Wind, and The Wiseman’s Fear.) So I figured, why not check it out?

I’ll start listening to the books around August 1st, I’ll probably end up getting the next 3 books from additional audible credits and then getting the last 2 books with my audible credits in August.

At the moment, I’m re-listening to Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon and loving every bit of it. It is a nice break from all the fantasy genre books I’ve been listening to the last few months.

Audible for Late February 2016.

I ended up picking a new series, Neal Asher’s Owner Series (I used my 2 credits to pick up the first 2 books), to listen to rather than get the 2 Witcher books (The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny) I originally planned to get, probably due to Richard K Morgan and Market Forces (which I just finished and liked, narrated very well by Simon Vance) and wanting something non fantasy for this month to listen to. I think it will work out well because in March I will be doing a re-listen to the First Law Trilogy and First Law World Series, I have already picked up the rerelease of the Steven Pacey version of Best Served Cold and pre-ordered The Heroes which is out on March 15th then I can finish up the Owner series in late March with a spare credit that I may use to pick up something new.

Audible for February 2016.

So this month, I picked up a couple of extra credits and used them to pick up Richard K Morgan’s Market Forces, and pre-ordered Joe Abercrombie’s Best Served Cold and The Heroes both narrated by Steven Pacey. Best Served Cold narrated by Stephen Pacey is out on the 16th, which at the time of writing this post is in 40mins from now, and The Heroes is out on March 15th 2015.

I’m enjoying Market Forces so far, it’s a nice break from all the fantasy books I’ve been reading the last few months (KingKiller Chronicles, The Harry Potter series, and GRRM’s A Knight in the Seven Kingdoms), and it is narrated by Simon Vance. I’m about 5 1/2 hours through it so far, with about 10 hours left to listen to, and liking it a lot. When I’m done this book, I’ll immediately start listening to Best Served Cold narrated by Steven Pacey.

A Knight in the Seven Kingdoms is the last audiobook I listened to and it was very good, good enough to keep my interest in the A Song of Ice and Fire series and I thought Harry Lloyd’s(who played Viserys in Game of Thrones) narration was very good.

When my audible credits roll over for February I’m still on track to pick up Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny.

Graphic novels and Audible for November, Early December.

So my 2 credits for audible were in yesterday, and I used them to pick up Thirteen by Richard K Morgan and Firestarter by Stephen King. I was very tempted to pick up the first 2 harry potter books since they were re-released on audible just recently but I decided against it for now, and it can be something I will pick next year. I was tempted because I underestimated Hunger Games as a bland young adult fiction and was pleasantly surprised by how well done it was despite my low expectations. I plan to pick up and listen to the harry potter books eventually but not this month or next.

I picked up Thirteen because I like Richard K Morgan a lot as an author and I wanted to get something non fantasy this month. I very close to picking up Jurassic Park and the Lost World but went against it because I wanted something more grimdark.

I also picked up Firestarter because I’ve read some things about it and wanted something to tie into another re-listen of The Dark Tower books I will be doing starting sometime next month.

I also ordered the next to books in the Fables series, Fables Vol. 7: Arabian Nights (and Days) and Fables Vol. 8: Wolves. I have yet to be disappointed with series so far and looking forward to reading these next 2 books. As a side note to this, I finished up nice playthrough of The Wolf Among Us, playing it much more in line on how I think Bigby would deal with threats to fabletown. So Spoilers ahead, you’ve been warned.

I ended up killing one of the Tweedles, killed the Crooked man, sent Toad and TJ to the farm along with Colin. I also got people talking with no violence or threats and saved prince Lawrence. In my first playthrough I did kill a tweedle but brought the Crooked man in a live, send Toad and Tj to the farm but not Colin, and I did not save Lawrence (I did not know you could the first time.) I really wish Telltale would do another Wolf Among Us game but it doesn’t look likely at the moment.

Audible for late October, early November.

I picked up the first 2 books in the KingKiller Chronicles (Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear) this past weekend and I’m going to listen to it the start of November (mostly due to have something to tide me over til Fallout 4 and Legacy of the Void.) I decided to go with KingKiller chronicles over other series (like Alex Verus, The Laundry Files, and The Owner Series) because I was very impressed with the short story in Rogues written by Rothfuss called the Lightning Tree.

I’ve decided to hold off to November mostly because of having something to occupy me until Fallout 4 and Legacy of the Void but also so I can really get back to listening something over a week or two more consistently rather than spreading it out over a whole month. My audible credits turn over on the 24th of every month and I usually listen to them over a couple of days and then move it onto the next one. This happens to make some shorter audiobooks only last a week at most and I’d like to spend a bit more time enjoying it over a week per book.

It also makes my what I’m reading, listening to, watching, or playing topic each month a bit more relevant since I’ll actually be listening to it that month instead of being done by the time I make the post.

It also gives me some time to revisit other series depending on the theme of the month, this month was star wars/serenity/firefly/star trek which basically makes it a space theme, and that lead to me do a re-listen to John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War Series.

So ya, went with the KingKiller chronicles this month, deal with it and you aren’t the boss of me.

Also, I’ve noticed that I make these posts and invariably only generally talk about the subject, never in any great detail as opposed to what else I talk about while not really talking about the subject of the post. Deal with that also bitch, I’m a rebel like that. And no one is the boss of me.