Bioware’s Anthem Official Gameplay Reveal.

Bioware’s take on The Division and Destiny.

I’m not sure what bioware studio is doing this, hopefully it is from Bioware Edmonton, not Montreal or Austin. Most people are suspected of bioware now, especially after Andromeda, however I liked Andromeda despite the obvious flaws. Anthem looks amazing and the gameplay looks cool, I like the Mech/Power Armor aspect and customization is always good.

I never played Destiny, and will probably not play Destiny 2, but I did play the fuck out of the Division. The Divisions leveling experience and initial loot grinding was pretty good, however, the rampant cheating on the PC and the massive initial focus on the Dark Zone as endgame really killed my interest in the game. The changes to the Division got me back into playing for a month or so but it still had the same problems just dressed a little differently. With Anthem specifically, I hope it will have engaging content and coop play that at least matches how good the Divisions coop experience was, and that there will be no PVP aspect of the game or at least the PVP aspect will not a huge focus or be considered End game like the Division did it.

Anthem already has me hooked in because I really want a good scifi game to play and so far Anthem looks promising.


No Bioware points for Dragon Age Inquisition for the PC or Mac

Thread where it’s announced, it summed up by DA:I (and I’m guessing future bioware titles) will not be using bioware points for DLC. I think this is a good idea on bioware points but its kind of half assed because its only Inquisition so far. I’m sure future bioware games will be using origin and cash for dlc instead of the buying bioware points and going to bioware’s site to do it.

I’d like to this extended to their other games like DA2, Mass Effect 2 and 3. If those were set in dollars and affected by sales, I’d most likely pick up DLC for ME 2 and 3, and possibly even for DA2 (I’m thinking legacy and mark of the assassin.)

Hopefully it will be extended to those games soon. Either way its a good idea for Bioware for their future games.

The Witcher 2.

A really good game, tells a much better story than Dragon Age 2 did (is subjective and strictly my opinion as well, agree or not) and really delivers on a satisfying ending. I chose Roche’s path and saved Anais the first time, and the second one I chose to save Triss, both have their consequences and there isn’t really a clear cut “good” or “bad” ending. And yet is remains pretty satisfying to do.

I will do another playthrough but this time I will side with Iorveth and the Scoia’tael to see how it plays out. I identified more with the Scoia’tael in both witcher games but sided against them for various reasons, the first game was to stick to pretty strict Witcher Neutrality and the second was because I liked Roche and his special forces squad.

I’d like to add that I am not one to say which game or series is better between the Witcher and Dragon Age but I can say without question that I liked the story in the Witcher games a lot more than I did in the Dragon Age games. However, Bioware games are all about companions, dialogue and romance, and in that regard it is superior to the Witcher. If anything, the contrast made me appreciate both games a little bit more. An added side effect, I am a little more inclined to buy Dragon Age: Inquisition on release rather than wait for a sale, odd as it may seem because one has nothing to do with the other, it just made me think of why I play RPG’s and the decision seemed pretty clear.

From Battlefield to Mass Effect: How one engine is shaping the future of EA Games

I was going to post about my experience with Battlefield 4 and its Frostbite 3 engine, and then I came across this article from engadget. Now, instead of a single focus, I can talk about more then just one game. Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition will also being using the Frostbite 3 engine, and after the extensive amount of playing Battlefield 4, I am more willing to give Bioware another chance. Imagine that eh? A completely different game from a completely different developer swaying my opinion on two other franchises from a different developer.

The Frostbite 3 engine in Battlefield 4 is pretty amazing visually, combined with good game play, and being able to have 64 people playing 1 map at the same time makes it pretty compelling. I had always thought that Battlefield 4 was little more then hype, another general militaristic first person shooter with decent multiplayer. I was wrong, this is game layered with complexities, there are four classes that use four class specific weapons and can unlock four other weapons that can be used by any class. Tanks, two types of jets, two types of helicopters, light armored attack vehicles, and general transport vehicles all affect the over all game, speaking about conquest mode here specifically. (conquest being an objective holding large map, where there are 2 to 5 and some times more objectives, where holding objectives drains enemy tickets quicker then killing the enemy which also drains tickets. Its kind of like Arathi Basin with a reinforcement count like Alterac Valley from World of Warcraft) Anyways back on topic, the way all of the classes and vehicles are used are used greatly affect the conquest game and how it plays out.

Seeing it first hand and being absorbed into so much, I have a renewed optimism for Mass Effect 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition. I can imagine a decent role playing game with a decent combat system and the well developed Characters/Conversation that Bioware is best known for.

My distaste for Bioware over the years is well known, Dragon Age 2 being a money grab and fail of an ending for Mass Effect 3 as well as day one dlc for both franchises, really put me off. There were things done well in Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3, excellent characters and dialogue, certain choices and their impacts on the story. However, the good is brought down by the bad. In Dragon Age 2, its environments are reused to a fault, its story was sold on the choices you made but the story itself is a fixed outcome and your choice hardly matters. In Mass Effect 3 (spoilers obviously incoming) the ending was horribly done, it was sold on the promise it was not going to be a A/B/C ending and it was clearly an A/B/C ending, the game ending on note to urge you to by more DLC, and endings themselves not making sense. The Red ending arbitrarily causing the geth and edi to die. The ham handedness of shooting the console to destroy the reapers being a pretentious was to embody the destruction of the reapers. The completely non nonsensical Green ending of synthesis and its complete disregard of why you were fighting the reapers in the first place. Mordin’s warning of not using technology to replace natural evolution being completely ignored. In the very first game you fight Saren who is obviously fighting for synthesis and subservience to the reapers which is basically the synthesis ending. Also, the off the wall blue ending of controlling the reapers, which was what the illusive man and cerberus wanted. The very same people and ideals you are fighting against for 2 games.

God, I still get angry just thinking about those two games, obviously the Mass Effect 3 one is the one that annoys me the most.

Back on topic, EA and its developers, using this engine and trying to better themselves by not doing the things that made them despised by its fans are the reason for the weakening of my stance of not supporting these developers, and EA,  by buying their games.

If I can work to change myself for the better, the least I can do is give Bioware and EA the same chance.

From Battlefield to Mass Effect: How one engine is shaping the future of EA Games