Game of Thrones Season 7: Official Trailer.

Now that is a good hype building trailer, the teaser they released before fell flat on many levels but this Official Trailer is pretty good. The premiere is out on July 16th 2017, as there is usually a lull in the summer for any type of content except movies this is will fill that void for me.


Late May 2016 update post.

First, That FUCKING ENDING TO GAME OF THRONES. Hold the door. Best episode of the season for me so far. If anyone thought the show would have butterfingers and drop the ball on the story because the are no books to build the foundation for a story arc in a 10 episode season, that episode dramatically killed those fears. The only thing out-of-place was the cock shot, you know the one I mean.

Secondly, I finished watching all 5 seasons of the Wire and let me tell you, that was really fucking good. I can easily see why it’s the top show in so many lists and a favorite of so many.

Thirdly, I just finished Joe Hill’s The Fireman, the audiobook version naturally and it was very good. It’s definitely inspired by Stephen King’s (Hill’s father) The Stand and definitely is a good story with very compelling characters. The Dark Tower references were particularly good and subtle. Kate Mulgrew did a great job of narrating the story and I didn’t think she would be able to top her narration of N0S4A2 but in my opinion she did. It was well worth pre-ordering.

Game of Thrones: Dance with Dragons.

So in the outrage over “the scene,” nearly everyone has forgotten the cool fight sequence in the pits of Meereen. A Water Dancer, a Dothraki Screamer, a Norvoshi with a glaive, and a Meereenese Gladiator.

It was pretty fucking bad ass to see how effective a Water Dancer was in combat, after the build up from season 1 and Syrio Forel: First Sword of Braavos.

Also, Kerry Ingram definitely stole a bunch of scenes prior to that episode with an excellent portrayal of Shireen. Only fitting that she was memorable to all the way to the end.