My hunter, Lostrauko with a new pet and new transmog.

The new pet is Gara, tamed using this guide and also using wowhead. A pretty good quest with a good amount of story.

My new transmog is based around the Ghostworld Chestguard, Shoulders of Misfortune, Fiery Obelisk Handguards, Deathweb belt, Bands of Anxiety, Darkcore Leggins, Boots of the Perilous Seas, and Shield-Shatter Longbow


UFC 183 picks.

So I’m gonna pick Diaz, McMann, Lauzon, and Woodley for tomorrow.

Going with Diaz because its Nick Diaz and I always will pick him. I think McMann will out everything Tate. Lauzon because he’s Joe Lauzon and has probably the most performance of the night bonuses in the UFC. And I’m picking Woodley because he made weight (Gastelum was over by 10 pounds) and I think Gastelum isn’t ready for top contenders yet.

Buffy and Angel for sure.

The child who refuses to travel in the father’s harness, this is the symbol of man’s most unique capability. “I do not have to be what my father was. I do not have to obey my father’s rules or even believe everything he believed. It is my strength as a human that I can make my own choices of what to believe and what not to believe, of what to be and what not to be.

Frank Herbert, Children of Dune

Dune Messiah and Children of Dune.

I just finished up Children of Dune last night, I like that it was narrated mostly by 1 person and it was well done. I also think it’s a good place to stop because it’s a well done trilogy of books. I’ve read good things about God Emperor of Dune, Heretics of Dune, and Chapterhouse: Dune but it ends on a cliffhanger and it’s also the last of the dune series written by Frank Herbert before he died. Because of that, I think Children of Dune is a good place to stop because it tells a pretty good story and Muad’Dib arc.

So in February I will definitely jump into the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy  by Richard K Morgan which I’ve read good things about on the various subreddits I am subbed to.