Meet me at the bar by Kaeldahn

Meet me at the bar by Kaeldahn

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Say what you will on how it ME3 ended but Mass Effect is still one of the best gaming trilogies ever. Yes, the ending was the only thing that kept ME3 from being great but no other game had the emotional impact the goodbye/farewell conversations had in ME3’s final mission.

There is no Shepard without Vakarian. And probably the best Paragon interrupt in the game, Shepard says “If I get to that bar, and you’re not there, I’ll be looking down. I’ll always have your back.”


Awesome fan art of the Stark Children


The Stark Children by Aireenscolor on deviantart.

Awesome work, love the details for each character. Rob has his iron crown and an arrow piercing Greywind, Jon Snow with longclaw and I assume being kissed by fire with the Wall in the background, the little bird for Sansa and Lady bleeding on the cage, Arya holding needle with the iron coin, Bran with the 3 eyed crow and the winterfell tower, Rickon gets a wierwood tree (not sure why though, still pretty awesome looking.) Seen it in this thread in the r/asoiaf subreddit