Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Trailer

Definitely interesting and will keep an open mind about it. I am not one of the multitudes that hated the prequels as a matter of course because they weren’t the original trilogy. So this is something I will definitely check out and give a fair shake to make an impression.


Old Man’s War: The Ghost Brigades and The Last Colony

I finished listening to the audiobook for The Ghost Brigades, which was good and a nice story about identity, and in the middle of The Last Colony right now, which is a really good and a focus on colonization/war.

I wasn’t expecting The Sagan Diary to be so literal in that it’s actually a dairy of Jane Sagan’s thoughts. I liked it though, some nice insight into her character is given.

I’m really liking The Last Colony, it has some intrigue/politics/war/drama and the actual colonization parts are well done.

Photo set of my Death Knight Roxanna’s Garrison.

Its a level 3 garrison. Only the Mine and Herb garden are level 3 so farm, I’m working on the achievements to unlock the plans for the level blueprints for the others. Some of them will take a week at least to do.

I really like this aspect of games, something about building a keep and customizing it really “gets” me. That aspect really got me into Assassin’s Creed 3 with the Homestead and Skyrim with Hearthstone DLC. I’m looking forward to this aspect in Dragon Age Inquisition when I eventually pick it up.

Blizzard really did things right with this expansion but its too bad the launch kinda ruined the first impressions of many people.

Audible for November/December

My 2 audible credits ticked over for this month and I used them to pick up the next 2 books in the Old Man’s War series, which is The Ghost Brigades (Book 2) and The Last Colony (book 3). I am downloading both to my tablet now and can’t wait to jump into the Ghost Brigades.

I also bought the short story called The Sagan Diary which is a short story set between The Ghost Brigades and The Last Colony.

When I’m done listening to these books I’ll be about half way through the series and some time in 2015.

I also believe this marks the 1 year point in my audible subscription and my desire to read/listen to more books. I’ve also kept to my 2 books a month resolution I set for myself in January and one I’ll gladly keep to for years to come.

Warlords of Draenor

So after trying a Challenge mode for Skyreach and finding out that pvp gear is not good enough for challenge modes, I decided to get some better pve tanking gear and started doing Heroic dungeons for gear.

I’m nearly done after 1 day of earnest gear farming, I am one piece away from being fully heroic geared.

Definitely going to try the daily challenge mode again soon.